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I.Out-of-character (OOC)
  • The following topics are never to be brought up in guild chat, the guild channel, or the guild forums: Ethnicity, Religion, Drug References, Nationality, or Sexuality.
  • Conflicts between two guild members must be handled in a medium other than guild chat, the guild channel, or the guild forums
  • When interacting with other guilds, or on the Blizzard public realm forums, all members must show maturity and respect at all times
  • Griefing will not be allowed
  • Sexist remarks are not to be made by any member of the Sunguard, in guild or out.
  • Trolling in any form (forums, trade chat, whispers, or any public channel) will not be tolerated.

II. In-character (IC)
  • Members are not allowed to role-play beyond the limits of their character
    • i. God-moding (Extending the powers of your character beyond realism or fairness)
    • ii. Meta-gaming (Granting your character unlimited knowledge of where everyone is and everything about them)
  • Members must obey the commands of their superiors if they wish to remain in the guild
  • Members will be expected to use proper grammar to a certain standard
  • Promotions are considered IC and will not be granted simply from good OOC behavior

III. Guild Functions
  • Inactivity past four months will not be allowed without notice