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Guild Basics

[Pinned] New Member? Here's a quick way to get yourself included with the guild!

It appears that a few people feel that they are not welcomed or cannot get involved with the guild. In fact, I have even received a few submissions at the Moon Guard Secrets Tumblr that I run where people still complain about the inability to get ...
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Guild Basics

[Pinned] Sunguard Code of Conduct

Out Of Character InformationThe Sunguard is a premier roleplaying community founded on Moon Guard dating back to October 2009. The guild’s longevity is due to its emphasis on creative writing, immersive story, and a wonderful community of players....
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Guild Basics

[Pinned] Donations to Help Pay For Guild Subscriptions

Team,As you are probably aware there are many subscriptions we use to help run our guild. This includes the following:Roll20 subscription: 9.99$ per monthPhotoshop subscription: 9.99$ per monthPhotoshop subscription: 9.99$ per monthWebsite hosting...
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Guild Basics

[Pinned] REQUIRED READING: A New Member's Guide to the Sunguard

Welcome to the Sunguard!We know it can be daunting to find your way around a guild as large as we are. There are guides for involvement, rank structure, and roll20 systems all over our forums and we recognized that they might be a little cumbersom...
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Guild Basics

[Pinned] Hierarchy of Ranks: How to Recognize Your Commanding Officers 101

<The Sunguard> is a guild that has a number of hard, specific ranks, and among the upper levels, specific names. Understandably, that can get a little confusing, so I am here to illustrate to you the hierarchy of ranks and the sub-units. OAT...
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Guild Basics

[Pinned] The Sunward Trials

The Trials of the SunwardPosted with the wax seal of the Archon himself in the Sunguard Keep. Three tenants of the Sunguard are tenaciously defiant of corrosion and corruption. These tenants are the eternal flame that our Order stands upon. Each o...
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Guild Basics

Sunguard Recruitment Threads

Okay everyone,I do need help with upkeep on our Sunguard Recruitment thread on Moon Guard.What I'm looking for is pretty easy, just follow the following rules:1. Do not EVER bump the thread. This causes threads to be locked and it's poor form. 2. ...
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