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Pathfinder Character Sheets

[Pinned] [CS] Ranger-Captain Vaelrin Firestorm

V A E L R I N . F I R E S T O R MA man known for acting first and thinking later. Enigmatic and elusive, he leads the unit known as the Pathfinders. Vaelrin serves as the Archon's dagger, a blade used only when in need to stealth and take their en...
Small Vaelrin 3y
Vaelrin143533Small Vaelrin 109d
Pathfinder Character Sheets

[Pinned] [CS] Esme Sunshard

Sunward Esme SunshardThe SpectreFleet CommanderCaptain of The Widow's BaneCaptain of The Bloody LilyThe God-SlayerThe DemonslayerThe ValiantThe ConquerorCorsairPirate-HunterKnight-Captain Commander Mode:105 HP | 45ft march, 60ft forced marchIniti...
Small Esme 3y
Esme289319Small Esme 136d
Pathfinder Character Sheets


(If you have art of your character, feel free to add it here!)(Your Character’s Name Here)COMMANDER MODEHP | Damage Roll(s) Subunit:Rank:Troop Choice:Troop Abilities:Movement and Range:Commander Points:HERO MODEHP | Damage Roll(s) Diplomatic Roll:...
Small Azriah 1y
Azriah1377Small Azriah 1y
Pathfinder Character Sheets

[CS] Elvoriel the Wyrm

COMMANDER MODE75 HP | 1d40+15 (3d40+15 if Rotating Fire)Subunit:PathfindersRank: EmberwardTroop Choice:Oathsworn FusiliersDamage: 1d40+15Troop Abilities:Rotating Fire[1]:Damage: Adds two additional die to their next basic attack. Requires the fusi...
Member avatar small Thanidiel 240d
Thanidiel3299Member avatar small Thanidiel 11d
Pathfinder Character Sheets

[CS] Sendrila Cloudstrike

COMMANDER MODEHP | Damage Roll(s):Hp: 70Damage: 1d55+35Healing: 1d40+10Subunit:PathfindersRank:LightwardTroop Choice:Oakvale AvengersMovement and Range:Range: 35ftMovement: March: 40ft Forced March: 60ftCommander Points: 3Sunreaver ArchmageCost: 2...
Small Lirelle 31d
Lirelle163Small Lirelle 31d
Pathfinder Character Sheets

[CS] Velianor Novastorm

Dawnward Velianor NovastormCommander Mode:120HP | 1d50+30Subunit:PathfinderTroop Choice:Ancients of Oakvale - Ancient of War“These massive creatures are built for war and on the battlefield they personify the carnage and chaos that nature can brin...
Small Velianor 3y
Velianor21447Small Velianor 32d
Pathfinder Character Sheets

[CS] Nandrea Phoenixfeather

Pathfinder Nandrea PhoenixfeatherCOMMANDER MODEHP | Damage Roll(s): 70 HP, 1d35+15Subunit: PathfinderRank: InitiatePathfinder RangersWell trained and well suited for battle, the Pathfinder Rangers are expert marksmen. Armored with light mail and ...
Member avatar small Nandrea 44d
Nandrea1112Member avatar small Nandrea 44d
Pathfinder Character Sheets

[CS] Caelinda Dewfall

Caelinda DewfallCOMMANDER MODEHP | Damage Roll(s): 70 HP | 1d40+5Subunit: PathfinderRank: DuskwardTroop Choice: Waywatcher AssassinsTroop Abilities: Ambush: Waywatcher Assassins are able to enter the battlefield stealthed. This means they may ente...
Small Caelinda Dewfall 325d
Caelinda Dewfall5594Small Caelinda Dewfall 45d
Pathfinder Character Sheets

[CS] Tassandria Dor'wynn

Name: Tassandria Dor'wynnItems Equipped:COMMANDER MODEOakvale Avengers: 85 HP | D: 1d40+10 H: 1d40+10Movement and Range: March: 65 ft | Force March: 85ft Aspect of the Wildhunt 2 CPWhenever Oakvale Avengers kill an enemy target, they gain a stack...
Small Caeliri 2y
Caeliri61509Small Caeliri 45d
Pathfinder Character Sheets

[CS] Shuna Morningbrow

Shuna Morningbrow COMMANDER MODE100HP <Fortified>| 2d45+35 (Uses small explosion template on basic attacks.)Subunit: PathfinderRank: InitiateTroop Choice: Ironclaw BalistaTroop Abilities: *Reaping Shot [1]: The ballista fires a pierc...
Small Shuna 47d
Shuna176Small Shuna 47d
Pathfinder Character Sheets

[CS] Percival Wright

Percival WrightCOMMANDER MODE115 HP (Fortified) | Damage: 2d45+35. Uses small explosion template on basic attacks.Subunit: PathfindersRank: EmberwardTroop Choice: Ironclaw BallistaTroop Abilities: Reaping Shot[1]:The ballista fires a piercing shot...
Small Thinariel 65d
Thinariel1149Small Thinariel 65d
Pathfinder Character Sheets

[CS] Valora

COMMANDER MODEHP | Damage Roll(s): HP: 60Damage: 1d40+20Subunit:PathfindersRank:EmberwardTroop Choice:Hawkstrider OutridersTroop Abilities:N/AMovement and Range:Movement: 55'/75'Range: 30'Commander Points:Wildwood WeaponryCost: 1 Commander Point ...
Small Vynarah 65d
Vynarah196Small Vynarah 65d
Pathfinder Character Sheets

[CS] Veya Rosewind

COMMANDER MODE80 HP | 1d40+35Troop Choice: Hawkstrider OutridersRange: Attack 30ft March 65ft Forced March 85ft Troops Abilities: Hawkstrider Outriders are able to cross a great distance and attack at a range.Commander Points: 4 PointsQuel’Do...
Small Azriah 2y
Azriah2958Small Azriah 76d
Pathfinder Character Sheets

[CS] Nuellen Swiftstrike

Nuellen Swiftstrike| Dawnward | Pathfinder Unit | __________________________________________________________________________C O M M A N D E R M O D EDragonhawk RidersHailing from Quel’Danas, these swift and deadly beasts control the skies and are...
Small Nuellen 1y
Nuellen122178Small Nuellen 104d
Pathfinder Character Sheets

[CS] Fleurette Thel'nyssae

COMMANDER MODE70HP | Damage: 1d40+5 Subunit: PathfindersRank: EmberwardTroop Choice: Waywatcher AssassinsTroop Abilities: Ambush: Waywatcher Assassins are able to enter the battlefield stealthed. This means they may enter a battle at any point on...
Small Caeliri 109d
Caeliri1139Small Caeliri 109d
Pathfinder Character Sheets

[CS] Maaike Oureille

MAAIKE OUREILLE - MARKSMANSHIP HUNTERCOMMANDER MODEHP: 80Damage: 1d35+20Subunit: PathfindersRank: EmberwardTroop: Thalassian MarinesMovement: 40ft/60ftRange: Melee/30ftTroop Abilities:Sea-Claw Bows[3]: Thalassian Marines carry with them short bow...
Small Avie Silverbrooke 109d
Avie Silverbrooke1142Small Avie Silverbrooke 109d
Pathfinder Character Sheets

[CS] Leone Starfield

Lady Leone Starfield, Mistress of Starfall HallPrimary: COMMANDER MODEHP | Damage Roll(s) 75 HP// 1d40+5, 1d65+5 when exiting stealthSubunit: Pathfinder Rank: Initiate Troop Choice: Weywatcher AssassinsTroop Abilities: Ambush:Waywatcher Assassins ...
Member avatar small Leone 118d
Leone1154Member avatar small Leone 118d
Pathfinder Character Sheets

[CS] Murios Emberbrook

Hero ModeHP: 50 Damage: Role: Damage +2 Mod damage to all rolls.Snipe[1]: The hunter uses a steadied and deadly shot to slay an enemy. Deal 2d15+5 damage to a single target. Damage is doubled if the target is CC’d. Range 40ftVolley[2]: The hun...
Small Timaeus Ebontalon 138d
Timaeus Ebontalon1188Small Timaeus Ebontalon 138d
Pathfinder Character Sheets

[CS] Coren'dal Bloodrose

COREN'DAL BLOODROSE​Former Farstrider CaptainInitiate of the PathfindersCOMMANDER MODEHP | Damage Roll(s) 70 HP | Damage: 1d40+5Subunit: PathfindersRank: InitiateTroop Choice: RangersTroop Abilities:Fire Arrows[2]:Pathfinder Rangers are able to ig...
Small Coren'dal Bloodrose 147d
Coren'dal Bloodrose1192Small Coren'dal Bloodrose 147d
Pathfinder Character Sheets

[CS] Kyranyx Ryther

Commander ModeTroop Choice: Oathsworn FusiliersHP: 100Basic: 1d45+30Rotating Fire[1]Damage: 5d10+15Oathsworn Fusiliers fire a series of repeating volleys upon a target.Direct Fire[Passive]: Fusiliers must fire straight upon an enemy target and can...
Small Snow 1y
Snow71203Small Snow 158d