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Dawnmender Character Sheets

[CS] Zappex

Hero Mode:Name: ZappexHP: 50Speed: 30’/50’Range: Melee/35’Gear: Mace: 1d10; crit 7-10 +2Hack: Whenever you crit a target, you deal half the total damage by that weapon as bleeding damage.Healing Spell: H: 1d20+7: crit on 15-20 +5 Spell-weaving: Wh...
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Dawnmender Character Sheets

[CS] Thaliane Greyglade

Thaliane Greyglade, Initiate Walk: 35ftSprint: 55ftBasic Ability Range: Melee/30ftAct IV Veteran: +1 Commander PointEarned for participating in Act IV: The Winter of Woe.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------...
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Dawnmender Character Sheets

[CS] Onatah Rainchaser

Lightward Onatah Rainchaser Commander Mode: HP: 75 || Damage: 1d35+10 || Healing: 1d30+5Subunit: DawnmenderRank: LightwardTroop Choice: Dawnmender GuardianDawnmender Guardians are heavily plated warriors of the light. These faithful battle-menders...
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Dawnmender Character Sheets

[CS] Ra'zha

DAWNWARD RA’ZHACOMMANDER MODEHP | Damage Roll(s) HP: 90 | H: 1d40+15 D: 1d45+20Subunit:DawnmendersRank:DawnwardTroop Choice:SqualshapersTroop Abilities:Blood Waves[2]: Damage and healing spells gain a +10 max for a single turn and the Squallshap...
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Dawnmender Character Sheets

[CS] Ibriel Lightchild

Updated for LegionName: Ibriel LightchildTitles: Demonslayer, Light's Glory VeteranPrestige Class: Sunshatter ArdentReknown Points: 8Lesser Essences: 2 Veteran Bonuses Act IV Veteran: +1 Commander Point (Earned for participating in Act IV: The Wi...
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Dawnmender Character Sheets

[CS] Pidgette Farthing

Hero Mode[/u[u]Class: PriestHP: 50Range: 30 walk| 50 sprint | 35 rangeStats: Support +5Healing spell: 1d20+7, crit on 15-20Weapon: Staves: D: 1d18+3: crit on 13-18+3Range: 5ftSpell-weaving: Whenever you crit on a heal, you may choose another targe...
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Dawnmender Character Sheets

[CS] Ciaragan Bael'Nar

Ciaragan Bael’NarLightwardHero:50 HP | 30ft walk, 50ft sprint | 35ft RangePriest | SupportHealing Spell: 1d19+4, crit on 14-19 for +5Offensive Spell: 1d19, crit on 14-19 for +5Spell-shieldChanneled Healing [2]: Call upon intense concentration to h...
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Dawnmender Character Sheets

[CS] Sev'ranesh Ravenbough

Art by noorukName: Sev'ranesh RavenboughCampaign Points: 3/3Commander ModeDawnmender Guardians: 80 HP / 1d35+10 Damage / 1d30+5 HealingMovement: 45 / 65 ftRange: Melee / 25 ft Battlemending: Whenever a Dawnmender Guardian attacks an enemy unit, it...
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Dawnmender Character Sheets

[CS] Cere'thien Blackwood

Confessor-Surgeon Cere'thien Lissanathel Blackwood the Greenseer, First Class Argent Medic; Lady Greenweaver; Matriarch of House Duskleaf; Matriarch of House Blackwood; Retired Second Lieutenant Ranger-Scout; DawnstarThe Confessor is both well kno...
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