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Dawnmender Character Sheets

[CS] Yiriael Suncaller

Yiriael SuncallerCOMMANDER MODEHP | Damage Roll(s) HP 75 | Damage Roll(s) 1d35+10 | Healing Roll(s) 1d30+5Subunit: DawnmenderRank: InitiateTroop Choice: Dawnmender GuardiansTroop Abilities: Duty Above All[1]Cost: 1 Commander PointBonus: Dawnmender...
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Dawnmender Character Sheets

[CS] Ellasha Truefeather

Blood Champion Ellasha Truefeather, Serdari of the DawnspireCOMMANDER MODE 125HPBasic Attack: 1d50+30 (AoW: 1d60+30)Wedge Formation: 1d60+30 (AoW: 1d70+30)Flanking Charge: 1d75+30 (AoW: 1d85+30)Bloodsworn Basic Attack: 1d58+28 (AoW: 1d68+38)Bloods...
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Dawnmender Character Sheets

[CS] Thalaria Brightveil

Initiate Thalaria BrightveilCOMMANDER MODE75 HP | 1d15 | 1d50+20Subunit:DawnmendersRank:InitiateTroop Choice:Oathsworn ClericTroop Abilities:N/AMovement and Range: 35 / 40 / 60Commander Points: [2]Anatomical Training[1]Cost: 1 Commander PointBonus...
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Dawnmender Character Sheets

[CS] Sare'wen

Name: SarewenSub Unit: DawnmendersRank: LightwardCommander Mode:Commander Points: 3/4STATS: HP: 70 Roll: 1d30+5 Movement: March- 40ft Forced March-60ftTroops: Thalassian InquisitorsRaised from the Sunfury Spire, these men and women are the eyes an...
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Dawnmender Character Sheets

[CS]Tao Chen Jadeleaf

Tao Chen JadeleafUpdated: 12/03/2017Comander Mode:100HP | D 1d15 || H 1d50+20DawnmenderEmberwardOathsworn ClericThe Sin’dorei are extremely adept in everything they do and healing is not an exception. As the Holy Light entered Quel’Thalas, many f...
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Dawnmender Character Sheets

[CS] Araedriel Alluvion

UPDATE AS OF 11/11COMMANDER MODE 75 | HEAL | DMG 1d15 Subunit: DawnmendersRank: InitiateTroop Choice: Oathsworn ClericTroop Abilities:N/AMovement and Range:Range - 35ftMovement - 40ft, 60ftCommander Points:Anatomical Training[1]Cost: 1 Commander...
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Dawnmender Character Sheets

[CS] Kaktos Tarhoof

COMMANDER MODEHP: 85 || Damage Roll: 1d45+10 || Healing Roll: 1d20+5 || Range: Melee/35 || March: 45 || Forced March: 65Subunit: Dawnmender || Rank: LightwardTroop Choice: Dawnmender GuardianTroop Abilities:Battlemending: When attacking, Dawnmende...
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Dawnmender Character Sheets

[CS] Arrenir Silversun

Dawnward Arrenir SilversunUsually avoiding combat at all costs, thinking that they very act of killing is a great waste. Arrenir has been recently dragged into the front lines by an urge to look out for his fellow Dawnmenders. One of them in parti...
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Dawnmender Character Sheets

[CS] Vynarah Lightbinder

Vynarah LightbinderCOMMANDER MODEHP | Damage Roll(s): HP: 60Healing: 1d50+15Subunit:DawnmendersRank:DawnwardTroop Choice:Oathsworn ClericsTroop Abilities:N/AMovement and Range:Movement: 40'/60'Range: 35'Commander Points: 3Argent Vestitude[2]Cost: ...
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Dawnmender Character Sheets

[CS] Taeonthrial Leafbinder

TAEONTHRIAL LEAFBINDER – RESTORATION DRUIDCOMMANDER MODEHP: 105Healing: 1d60+25Subunit: DawnmendersRank: EmberwardTroop: Ancient of LoreMovement: 35ft/40ft/60ftRange: 35ftTROOP ABILITIESAvatar of Life[Passive]: The Avatar of Life may choose to hea...
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Dawnmender Character Sheets

[CS] Eran'thul Starbane

Commander ModeTroop Choice: Dawnmender GuardiansHP: 75Damage: 1d35+10Healing: 1d30+5Battlemending [Passive]: When attacking, Dawnmender Guardians only deal half the damage of their roll and then may choose to heal an allied target/sef for the full...
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Dawnmender Character Sheets

[CS] Koramm Stonehoof

COMMANDER MODEHP: 80 || Damage Roll: 1d15 || Healing Roll: 1d35+5 (1d45+15) || Range: 35 || March: 40 || Forced March: 60Subunit: Dawnmender || Rank: LightwardTroop Choice: Oathsworn ClericTroop Abilities:Righteous CauseCost: 2 Commander PointsBon...
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Dawnmender Character Sheets

[CS] Alyrin Brightsword

Alyrin BrightswordCommander ModeHit Points: 50Class: PriestStats: Support III, Politician II Battle-Mending[Passive]: May have their heals be split between two players, must declare the two targets before rolling.Movement: Walk: 30ft Sprint: 50ft...
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Dawnmender Character Sheets

[CS] Tyril Sunspear

Exemplar Tyril Sunspear; Kintaros of the DawnspireBorn a commoner in the Dawnspire, Tyril spent his young life as a servant and soldier to the heir of the Dawnspire, Felthier Truefeather. The two later developed a close bond and after Tyril’s fath...
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Dawnmender Character Sheets

[CS] Xenus Everdusk

Duskward Xenus Everdusk Commander ModeHealth Points: 115Movement: 40ft/60ftRange: 35ftDamage Rolls: 1d15Healing Rolls: 1d55+25Exemplar Bonus: -10hp. Adds an additional die to basic attack and healing rolls. +20 to Initiative.Troop Choice: Oathswo...
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Dawnmender Character Sheets

[CS]: Isilos Sunshatter

Isilos Sunshatter, High Advocator of the Sunshatter ArdentsEmberward of the SunguardUpdated: 04/14/2017Commander Mode:85 (70 + 15 Sunreaver)Damage: 1d40(+5(VC) +10 (5 +5(VC)Healing: 1d50( 35 + 10(SV) +5 (VC) +20 (5+ 10(SV) + 5(VC)Movement35ft40ft6...
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Dawnmender Character Sheets

[CS] Bricini Lightwing

Bricini LightwingLightwardExemplarDoctor Commander Mode:60 HP | 40ft march, 60ft forced march | 35ft RangeOathsworn Clerics | ExemplarDamage: 2d20+5Healing: 2d45+20Anatomical Training [1]: Increases max and mod healing by 5. Reduce a wound roll b...
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Dawnmender Character Sheets

[CS] Veloestian Dawnstrider

Veloestian DawnstriderEmberward of the Dawnmenders Commander ModePriests of BeloreChanneling: The Priests of Belore channel the energies of the Sunwell through haunting chants and powerful invocation. Priests of Belore may choose to channel durin...
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Dawnmender Character Sheets

[CS] Feainne Sunblossom

Dawnmender Lightward Feainne SunblossomCommander mode: Dawnmenders70 HP || Damage: 1d10, Healing: 1d30+10Troop choice: Priests of BeloreTroop Abilities: Channeling: The Priests of Belore channel the energies of the Sunwell through haunting chant...
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Dawnmender Character Sheets

[CS] Zappex

Hero Mode:Name: ZappexHP: 50Speed: 30’/50’Range: Melee/35’Gear: Mace: 1d10; crit 7-10 +2Hack: Whenever you crit a target, you deal half the total damage by that weapon as bleeding damage.Healing Spell: H: 1d20+7: crit on 15-20 +5 Spell-weaving: Wh...
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