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Dawnmender Character Sheets

[CS] Adrianal Novastorm

Dawnward Adrianal NovastormThe ValiantHERO MODECharacter Stats: Support +3 Battle-Mending[Passive]: Support characters may choose to have their heals be split between two players healing either equally. Healers must declare the two targets selecte...
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Dawnmender Character Sheets

[CS] Arrenir Silversun

Dawnward Arrenir SilversunUsually avoiding combat at all costs, thinking that they very act of killing is a great waste. Arrenir has been recently dragged into the front lines by an urge to look out for his fellow Dawnmenders. One of them in parti...
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Dawnmender Character Sheets

[CS] Arandar Goldleaf

Emberward Arandar GoldleafHERO MODECharacter Stats:Commander 3⦁ +1 commander point.⦁ +15hp commander mode.⦁ Immune to routing.Politician 2⦁ +2 DP.⦁ +2 on all diplomatic rolls.Race: Blood Elf⦁ Arcanic Affinity - You have a +4 to Arcane based ...
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Dawnmender Character Sheets

[CS] Calwen Dawnbloom

Emberward Calwen DawnbloomHERO MODE60 HP | Damage/Healing Roll(s) 1d28+3/1d25+2 Crit 18+ for +4Character Stats: +3 Combatant - +3 modifier to basic attacks and class abilities[Resourceful - +1 usage to all Class abilities]+2 Guardian - +10 HP[Taun...
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Dawnmender Character Sheets

[CS] Ralleanne "Ralle" Renduveill

Ralleanne RenduveillShal'dorei Commoner Priest || Priestess of EluneRevenant || Sister of the Fallen HERO MODEHP: 50/50 || Heals 1d25+3 (35 Feet) || Damages 1d24+6 || Shield35 Foot Walk || 55 Foot Sprint || 35 Foot RangeHeal Crit Range: 18-25+5S...
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Dawnmender Character Sheets

[CS] Tyleril Silversword

Duskward Tyleril SilverswordArt by Industry13 Hero Mode: PriestHP: 60 / Mace: D: 1d10: crit on 7-10+2 Range: Melee, Pulverize: Minor Action(can also be used with other minor actions on a given turn). When used, the player’s basic attacks can de...
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Dawnmender Character Sheets

[CS] Orionus Starfallen

Mist Warden Orionus Starfallen\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\HERO MODE:HP: 55 || Damage Roll: 1d20+2 (1d23+7): crit on 17...
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Dawnmender Character Sheets

[CS] Lyrenn Moonveil

Initiate Lyrenn MoonveilHERO MODE: DruidHP: 50 | Damage Roll(s): 1d10 | Healing: 1d25+2Movement and Range: Walk: 35ft Sprint: 55ft Melee/30ftDiplomatic Roll: 1d30>18 Persuasion: 1d30 ...
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Dawnmender Character Sheets

[CS] Angelarria Dawnstriker

Angelarria DawnstrikerCOMMANDER MODE Subunit: DawnmenderRank: Initiate • HP: 90• Damage Roll(s): 1d15• Healing Roll(s): 1d45+10 Troop Choice: Oathsworn Clerics:Troop Abilities: Cost: 1 Commander Point• Thalassian ScribeBonus: Increases troop tota...
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Dawnmender Character Sheets

[CS] Iiloridan Sunshard

Iiloridan Sunshard - Dawnmender Dawnward [Updated: 12/20/2018]~~~~~~~~HERO MODEHealth Points: 50| Damage Rolls: 1d18+3, crit on 13-18= +3 (Stave) | Healing Rolls: 1d30+10 [1d25 (+3 PClass)(+2 weapon) + {2(base)+5(support)+2(PClass)+1(weapon)}], cr...
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Dawnmender Character Sheets

[CS] Yiriael Suncaller

Yiriael SuncallerCOMMANDER MODEHP | Damage Roll(s) HP 75 | Damage Roll(s) 1d35+10 | Healing Roll(s) 1d30+5Subunit: DawnmenderRank: InitiateTroop Choice: Dawnmender GuardiansTroop Abilities: Duty Above All[1]Cost: 1 Commander PointBonus: Dawnmender...
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Dawnmender Character Sheets

[CS] Thalaria Brightveil

Initiate Thalaria BrightveilCOMMANDER MODE75 HP | 1d15 | 1d50+20Subunit:DawnmendersRank:InitiateTroop Choice:Oathsworn ClericTroop Abilities:N/AMovement and Range: 35 / 40 / 60Commander Points: [2]Anatomical Training[1]Cost: 1 Commander PointBonus...
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Dawnmender Character Sheets

[CS] Sare'wen

Name: SarewenSub Unit: DawnmendersRank: LightwardCommander Mode:Commander Points: 3/4STATS: HP: 70 Roll: 1d30+5 Movement: March- 40ft Forced March-60ftTroops: Thalassian InquisitorsRaised from the Sunfury Spire, these men and women are the eyes an...
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Dawnmender Character Sheets

[CS]Tao Chen Jadeleaf

Tao Chen JadeleafUpdated: 12/03/2017Comander Mode:100HP | D 1d15 || H 1d50+20DawnmenderEmberwardOathsworn ClericThe Sin’dorei are extremely adept in everything they do and healing is not an exception. As the Holy Light entered Quel’Thalas, many f...
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Dawnmender Character Sheets

[CS] Araedriel Alluvion

UPDATE AS OF 11/11COMMANDER MODE 75 | HEAL | DMG 1d15 Subunit: DawnmendersRank: InitiateTroop Choice: Oathsworn ClericTroop Abilities:N/AMovement and Range:Range - 35ftMovement - 40ft, 60ftCommander Points:Anatomical Training[1]Cost: 1 Commander...
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Dawnmender Character Sheets

[CS] Kaktos Tarhoof

COMMANDER MODEHP: 85 || Damage Roll: 1d45+10 || Healing Roll: 1d20+5 || Range: Melee/35 || March: 45 || Forced March: 65Subunit: Dawnmender || Rank: LightwardTroop Choice: Dawnmender GuardianTroop Abilities:Battlemending: When attacking, Dawnmende...
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Dawnmender Character Sheets

[CS] Vynarah Lightbinder

Vynarah LightbinderCOMMANDER MODEHP | Damage Roll(s): HP: 60Healing: 1d50+15Subunit:DawnmendersRank:DawnwardTroop Choice:Oathsworn ClericsTroop Abilities:N/AMovement and Range:Movement: 40'/60'Range: 35'Commander Points: 3Argent Vestitude[2]Cost: ...
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Dawnmender Character Sheets

[CS] Eran'thul Starbane

Commander ModeTroop Choice: Dawnmender GuardiansHP: 75Damage: 1d35+10Healing: 1d30+5Battlemending [Passive]: When attacking, Dawnmender Guardians only deal half the damage of their roll and then may choose to heal an allied target/sef for the full...
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Dawnmender Character Sheets

[CS] Koramm Stonehoof

COMMANDER MODEHP: 85 || Damage Roll: 1d15 || Healing Roll: 1d35+10 (1d50+25) || Range: 35 || March: 40 || Forced March: 60Subunit: Dawnmender || Rank: DuskwardTroop Choice: Oathsworn ClericTroop Abilities:Righteous CauseCost: 1 Commander PointBonu...
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Dawnmender Character Sheets

[CS] Alyrin Brightsword

Alyrin BrightswordCommander ModeHit Points: 50Class: PriestStats: Support III, Politician II Battle-Mending[Passive]: May have their heals be split between two players, must declare the two targets before rolling.Movement: Walk: 30ft Sprint: 50ft...
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