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Dawnmender Character Sheets


(If you have art of your character, feel free to add it here!)(Your Character’s Name Here)HERO MODEHP | Damage/Healing Roll(s) Character Stats:Race:Background:Virtues:Vices:Diplomatic Roll:Movement and Range:Equipment:3 Slots AvailableClass:Class ...
Small Azriah 1y
Azriah1586Small Azriah 1y
Dawnmender Character Sheets

[Pinned] [CS] Elleynah Stormsummer

Elleynah Stormsummer - The High Cleric & The Oracle, Dawnmender Officer[Updated 8/3/17]COMMANDER MODE105 HP | 1d15+5 DMG | 1d60+25 HEALSubunit:DawnmendersRank:Sunward - OracleTroop Choice:Priests of BeloreTroop Abilities:Channeling: Priests of...
Small Elleynah 4y
Elleynah 63632Small Elleynah 1y
Dawnmender Character Sheets

[CS] Renalays Bloodhallow

HERO MODE55 HP | D: 1d27+7: crit on 20-27 +5 | H: 1d27+3: crit on 20-27 +5Character Stats:Combatant: +4 Mod DamageResourcefu;[Passive]: Grants an additional use to every class ability.Guardian: +5 HPTaunt: Guardians may now taunt targets by rollin...
Member avatar small Thanidiel 1y
Thanidiel4678Member avatar small Thanidiel 14d
Dawnmender Character Sheets

[CS] Gronnash, Speaker

HERO MODEHP | Damage Roll(s) 50 | HEALING: 1d25+2: crit on 18-25 +5Character Stats: Combatant 3, Guardian 2Race: OrcBackground: AcolyteVirtues:Battleborn: While engaged in combat, your character gains +8 to physical challenge checks.Berserker: Whe...
Member avatar small Ouron Nethermoon 344d
Ouron Nethermoon4600Member avatar small Ouron Nethermoon 19d
Dawnmender Character Sheets

[CS] Ellasha Truefeather

Blood Champion Ellasha Truefeather, Serdari of the DawnspireHERO MODE 60HP BloodswornBasic Attack: 1d24+7, crit on 18-24+3 (AoW: 1d34+7, crit on 28-34+3)Bloodsworn Bonus to Undead/Demons: 1d32+15, crit on 24-32 +3 (AoW: 1d42+15, crit on 34-42+3)H...
Small Azriah 4y
Azriah61606Small Azriah 27d
Dawnmender Character Sheets

[CS] Mellarue "Mellon" Silversun

Mellarue “Mellon” Silversun| Emberward | Dawnmender Unit | __________________________________________________________________________C O M M A N D E R M O D EDawnmender GuardiansDawnmender Guardians are heavily plated warriors of the light. These...
Small Nuellen 1y
Nuellen51062Small Nuellen 37d
Dawnmender Character Sheets

[CS] Leorii Redsummer

HERO MODE50 HP | H: 1d25+2: crit on 18-25 +5 D: 1d22+6: crit on 16-22+3Spell-weaving: Whenever you crit on a heal, you may choose another target and heal them for half of your total healing done.Diplomatic Roll: Seduction: 1d30+2>18 Etiquett...
Small Caeliri 346d
Caeliri2270Small Caeliri 37d
Dawnmender Character Sheets

[CS] Alarion D'hrvati

Emberward Alarion D’hrvatiShadowmender, mental health therapist, orphanage patronHERO MODECharacter Stats: Combatant +3, Support +2Combatant +3 mod damage to all attacks and class abilities Resourceful [Passive]: Grants an additional use to every ...
Small Sanarissa Firewing 178d
Sanarissa Firewing3456Small Sanarissa Firewing 41d
Dawnmender Character Sheets

[CS] Caeliri Dawnsworn

Name: Caeliri DawnswornRank: DawnwardItems Equipped: LIGHT’S LAMENT - MYSTICAL WEAPON[+1 to Mod damage/healing on basic attacks and abilities] [+2 to Max damage/healing on basic attacks and abilities] [+2 to Crit damage/healing on basic attacks/...
Small Caeliri 4y
Caeliri82913Small Caeliri 57d
Dawnmender Character Sheets

[CS] Taeonthrial Leafbinder

TAEONTHRIAL LEAFBINDER – RESTORATION DRUIDHERO MODEHP: 45Damage: Stave - 1d25+8: crit on 16-22+3Healing: Spell – 1d28+6: crit on 18-25+5Initiative: 1d100+10Character Stats:Support x2: +2 mod healing to all attacks and class abilitiesCombatant x3: ...
Small Avie Silverbrooke 1y
Avie Silverbrooke4878Small Avie Silverbrooke 70d
Dawnmender Character Sheets

[CS] Rhysa Novastorm

Rhysa NovastormHERO MODEHP | Damage/Healing Roll(s)HP: 50Damage: D: 1d25+4: crit on 18-25 +5Healing: 1d25+5: crit on 18-25 +5 Character Stats: Support +3, Combatant +2 Battle-Mending[Passive]: Support characters may choose to have their heals be s...
Small Rhysa 139d
Rhysa2272Small Rhysa 71d
Dawnmender Character Sheets

[CS] Iriina Sunshatter

HERO MODEHP | Damage Roll(s) 45 HPCharacter Stats: +3 combatant +2 supportResourceful [Passive]: Grants an additional use to every class ability.Race: Blood ElfBackground: SoldierVirtues:Arcanic Affinity - You have a +4 to Arcane based challenge c...
Small Lirelle 84d
Lirelle1148Small Lirelle 84d
Dawnmender Character Sheets

[CS] Ellatrois Lunyre

Ellatrois LunyreEmberward, Chronomancer~*--------------------- Hero Mode ---------------------*~ HP | Damage Roll | Healing Roll 60 HP | 1d10 (7-10 +2) | 1d25+5 (18-25 +5)+10 HP (Guardian)+3 Mod Healing (Support)Character Stats:+3 Support+2 Guard...
Small Absolain 92d
Absolain1147Small Absolain 92d
Dawnmender Character Sheets

[CS] Ghilahim of Einharel

HERO MODE35 HP | Healing: 1d31+6: crit on 23-21 +10Initiative Roll: 1d100-10Perception Roll: 1d100Diplomatic Roll: {1d30+2}>18• Persuasion +2• Envoy: Sin'dorei• CharmingChallenge Roll: {1d30+1}>16• +4 to knowledge, arcane, light and nature c...
Small Thinariel 108d
Thinariel1235Small Thinariel 108d
Dawnmender Character Sheets

[CS]Lirelle Dawnbrook

HERO MODEHP | Damage Roll(s):Hp: 40Damage: 1d32+5, crit 24-32 +5Healing: 1d32+5, crit 24-32+5Diplomatic Roll:Character Stats:Commander +5 Iron Fist [Passive]: Grants immunity to routing. 1 additional commander point Race: Sin’dorei Swift - Incre...
Small Lirelle 3y
Lirelle143819Small Lirelle 118d
Dawnmender Character Sheets

[CS] Atal'fon

Initiate Atal'fonHERO MODEHP: 50 || Damage: 1d25+2: crit on 18-25 +5 || Healing: 1d25+2: crit on 18-25 +5Movement and Range:35ft walking || 55ft sprinting || 35ft rangeCharacter Stats: Support +3 +3 mod damage on all attacks and class abili...
Member avatar small Atal'fon 118d
Atal'fon1165Member avatar small Atal'fon 118d
Dawnmender Character Sheets

[CS] Feainne Sunblossom

Dawnmender Duskward Feainne SunblossomCommander mode: Dawnmenders100 HP || Damage: 1d15, Healing: 1d50+25Troop choice: Oathsworn ClericTroop Abilities: Anatomical Training [1]: Increases max and mod healing by +5. Oathsworn Clerics can reduce a ...
Small Avada 2y
Avada41152Small Avada 133d
Dawnmender Character Sheets

[CS] Adrianal Novastorm

Dawnward Adrianal NovastormThe ValiantHERO MODECharacter Stats: Support +3 Battle-Mending[Passive]: Support characters may choose to have their heals be split between two players healing either equally. Healers must declare the two targets selecte...
Small Velianor 4y
Velianor31673Small Velianor 135d
Dawnmender Character Sheets

[CS] Arrenir Silversun

Dawnward Arrenir SilversunUsually avoiding combat at all costs, thinking that they very act of killing is a great waste. Arrenir has been recently dragged into the front lines by an urge to look out for his fellow Dawnmenders. One of them in parti...
Small Sederis 2y
Sederis71881Small Sederis 149d
Dawnmender Character Sheets

[CS] Arandar Goldleaf

Emberward Arandar GoldleafHERO MODECharacter Stats:Commander 3⦁ +1 commander point.⦁ +15hp commander mode.⦁ Immune to routing.Politician 2⦁ +2 DP.⦁ +2 on all diplomatic rolls.Race: Blood Elf⦁ Arcanic Affinity - You have a +4 to Arcane based ...
Member avatar small Vaelan Cindercloak 149d
Vaelan Cindercloak1208Member avatar small Vaelan Cindercloak 149d