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Suncaster Character Sheets

[Pinned] [CS] Cynel Sunfire

Artwork by NnamierCommander Mode115HP | 1d45+10 - 35ft | 6 Commander Points (+4 for Prestige, Dawnward, Sunward, and Light's Glory Veteran)Suncaster Demonologists:Though many within Quel’Thalas may not be proud lengths their people have gone to su...
Small Cynel 3y
Cynel31507Small Cynel 39d
Suncaster Character Sheets

[Pinned] [CS]Idriil Dawnveil

Lady Idriil Dawnveil; Dawnward of the Sunguard150HP D:4d15+10 Uses cone template on basic attacksRank: DawnwardSubunit: SuncastersCommands an Arcane ConstructSentinel’s Vigil[1]:The construct may activate a powerful magical shield around itself to...
Small Felthier 3y
Felthier61287Small Felthier 60d
Suncaster Character Sheets


(If you have art of your character, feel free to add it here!)(Your Character’s Name Here)COMMANDER MODEHP | Damage Roll(s) Subunit:Rank:Troop Choice:Troop Abilities:Movement and Range:Commander Points:HERO MODEHP | Damage Roll(s) Diplomatic Roll:...
Small Azriah 230d
Azriah1208Small Azriah 230d
Suncaster Character Sheets

[Pinned] [CS] Lady Azriah Thelryn

LADY AZRIAH THELRYN, GRAND ARCANIST OF THE SUNGUARDArt by MelfiasCOMMANDER MODE140 HP | 1d55+25Unit: SuncastersRank: OfficerTroop Choice: Mage-GuardTroop Abilities: Spell Absorption [1]: Mage-Guard may nullify a negative spell that was cast agains...
Small Azriah 2y
Azriah01099Small Azriah 2y
Suncaster Character Sheets

[CS] Thinariel Farmight

Thinariel FarmightEmberward, Reliquarian, Pyromancer, AlchemistCOMMANDER MODE70 HP | Damage: 1d45+20Subunit: SuncastersRank: EmberwardTroop Choice: Suncaster DemonologistTroop Abilities: Imp Swarm[2]:Suncaster Demonologists summon a horde of imps ...
Small Thinariel 158d
Thinariel7470Small Thinariel 2d
Suncaster Character Sheets

[CS] Ouron Nethermoon

COMMANDER MODEHP | Damage Roll(s): 175 (+25 from 5 points in Command) | 4d15+10. Uses cone template on basic attacks.Subunit: SuncasterRank: InitiateTroop Choice: Arcane ConstructsTroop Abilities:Sentinel’s Vigil[1]:The construct may activate a po...
Member avatar small Ouron Nethermoon 120d
Ouron Nethermoon6276Member avatar small Ouron Nethermoon 10d
Suncaster Character Sheets

[CS] Taleyriel Starsworn

Taleyriel StarswornCOMMANDER MODE75 HP | 1d25+15 | 2 CPInitiateOathsworn MagistersClad in heavy robes and light armor, these battlemages make up the majority of the Suncaster regiment. Skilled in both war and magic, these battlemages are designed ...
Small Taleyriel Starsworn 31d
Taleyriel Starsworn176Small Taleyriel Starsworn 31d
Suncaster Character Sheets

[CS] Reynllin Sunsworn

Reynllin SunswornCOMMANDER MODEHP | Damage Roll(s): Damage: 1d25+15Subunit: SuncastersRank: InitiateTroop Choice: Oathsworn MagistersTroop Abilities: Blizzard[1]:Damage: 3d20+15Oathsworn Magisters rain down a heavy storm of ice upon an enemy targe...
Member avatar small Reynllin 50d
Reynllin296Member avatar small Reynllin 32d
Suncaster Character Sheets

[CS] Veretratre Duskfallow

Emberward Veretratre DuskfallowCOMMANDER MODEHP 90 | Damage Roll(s) 1d35+20 || +25Subunit: SuncastersRank: EmberwardTroop Choice: Blood Knight LancersTroop Abilities: Penetrating AssaultLancers are able to drive through enemy infantry upon an atta...
Member avatar small Jinnra 36d
Jinnra151Member avatar small Jinnra 36d
Suncaster Character Sheets

[CS] Avada Emberfall

Suncaster Duskward Avada EmberfallCommander mode: Suncasters85 HP || Damage: 1d30+10Troop choice: Emberlight Pyromancers (Oathsworn Magisters base)Troop Abilities: Flamestrike [1]: Strikes a targeted area in a large explosion template. Damage is...
Small Avada 1y
Avada5811Small Avada 40d
Suncaster Character Sheets

[CS] Zyhlia Ravenlight

Zyhlia RavenlightCOMMANDER MODEHP | Damage Roll(s):HP: 150Damage: 4d15+10. Subunit:SuncastersRank:LightwardTroop Choice:Arcane ConstructTroop Abilities:Sentinel’s Vigil[1]:The construct may activate a powerful magical shield around itself to defen...
Small Vynarah 345d
Vynarah3506Small Vynarah 73d
Suncaster Character Sheets

[CS] Vaelan Cindercloak

Vaelan CindercloakCOMMANDER MODEHP | Damage Roll(s) 1504d15+10Subunit:SuncastersRank:EmberwardTroop Choice:Arcane ConstructTroop Abilities:⦁ Sentinel’s Vigil[1]:The construct may activate a powerful magical shield around itself to defend it and ne...
Member avatar small Vaelan Cindercloak 128d
Vaelan Cindercloak2338Member avatar small Vaelan Cindercloak 75d
Suncaster Character Sheets

[CS] Kalyanar Brightquill

Kalyanar Brightquill - Suncaster Emberward[Updated: 12/2/2017] ~~~~~~~COMMANDER MODEHealth Points: 75 | Damage Rolls: 1d30+5 baseSubunit:SuncastersRank:EmberwardMovement/Range: Range - 35ft March - 40ft Forced March - 60ft (Roll success check for ...
Small Iiloridan 310d
Iiloridan4608Small Iiloridan 75d
Suncaster Character Sheets

[CS] Maridia Silverspeak

Maridia Silverspeak, Lightward of the SuncastersCommander Mode:65HP | 1d20+10 Unit Specifications:SuncastersTroop Choice:Oathsworn MagistersTroops’ Abilities:Blizzard[1]:Damage: 3d15+10Oathsworn Magisters rain down a heavy storm of ice upon an ene...
Small Maridia Silverspeak 365d
Maridia Silverspeak3397Small Maridia Silverspeak 103d
Suncaster Character Sheets

[CS] Lovete Felraven

Lovete FelravenDawnwardCourtesanLady of the Greyvale Commander Mode:95 HP | 75ft march, 95ft forced march | 35ft RangeOathsworn MagistersRange: 1d35+20Blizzard [1]: 3d15+10. Rain down a heavy storm of ice upon an enemy target. Using the large exp...
Small Esme 3y
Esme71489Small Esme 111d
Suncaster Character Sheets

[CS] Vivvienne Duskcatcher

Items Equipped: NoneRank: LightwardPrestige Class: Workin' on itCommander Mode:80 HP | 1d35+5Troop Choice:Suncaster DemonologistTroops’ Abilities:Imp Swarm[1]:Suncaster Demonlogists may summon a horde of imps to the battlefield. This will double t...
Small Vivvienne 1y
Vivvienne3530Small Vivvienne 123d
Suncaster Character Sheets

[CS] Mal’thasa Rosestalker

Mal"thasa "Mal" RosestalkerCommander Mode:Troop Choice: Arcane ConstructsAs the demands of war became increasingly taxing, the magistratum of Silvermoon saw fit to develop more powerful weapons of war. These powerful constructs tower over the batt...
Member avatar small Mal'thasa 124d
Mal'thasa1132Member avatar small Mal'thasa 124d
Suncaster Character Sheets

[CS] Kazala

COMMANDER MODEHP | Damage Roll(s) 901d20+10 (+5)Flamestrike 5d10+5 (+5)Subunit: SuncastersRank: InitiateTroop Choice: Emberlight PyromancersTroop Abilities:Replaces Blizzard with Flamestrike which will strike a targets in a large explosion templat...
Member avatar small Kazala 126d
Kazala1105Member avatar small Kazala 126d
Suncaster Character Sheets

[CS]: Eridran Dawnblade

Eridran Dawnblade, Dalaran InstructorEmberward of the SunguardUpdated: 08/023/2017Commander Mode:75HP Damage: 1d35+10 (Master Arcanist)Movement35ft40ft60ftSuncaster DemonologistThough many within Quel’Thalas may not be proud lengths their people h...
Small Zalin 244d
Zalin2261Small Zalin 133d
Suncaster Character Sheets

[CS] Sendrila Cloudstrike

COMMANDER MODEHP | Damage Roll(s):Hp: 80Damage: 1d60+30Healing: 1d45+15Subunit:SuncastersRank:LightwardTroop Choice:SquallshapersMovement and Range:Range: 35ftMovement: March: 40ft Forced March: 60ftCommander Points: 3Sunreaver ArchmageCost: 2 Com...
Small Lirelle 1y
Lirelle3614Small Lirelle 133d