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Suncaster Character Sheets

[Pinned] [CS] Lady Azriah Thelryn

LADY AZRIAH THELRYN, GRAND ARCANIST OF THE SUNGUARDArt by MelfiasHERO MODE55 HP | Base 1d32+8, crit on 24-32 +5Stats: 6 Available+3 Combatant: +3 mod damage to all attacks and class abilities Resourceful [Passive]: Grants an additional use to ever...
Small Azriah 4y
Azriah82596Small Azriah 40d
Suncaster Character Sheets

[Pinned] [CS] Cynel Sunfire

Artwork by NnamierCommander Mode125HP | 1d45+15 - 35ft | 6 Commander Points (+4 for Prestige, Dawnward, Sunward, and Light's Glory Veteran)Suncaster Demonologists:Though many within Quel’Thalas may not be proud lengths their people have gone to su...
Small Cynel 4y
Cynel32736Small Cynel 1y
Suncaster Character Sheets

[Pinned] [CS]Idriil Dawnveil

Lady Idriil Dawnveil; Dawnward of the Sunguard150HP D:4d15+10 Uses cone template on basic attacksRank: DawnwardSubunit: SuncastersCommands an Arcane ConstructSentinel’s Vigil[1]:The construct may activate a powerful magical shield around itself to...
Small Felthier 4y
Felthier62826Small Felthier 1y
Suncaster Character Sheets


(If you have art of your character, feel free to add it here!)(Your Character’s Name Here)HERO MODEHP | Damage/Healing Roll(s) Character Stats:Race:Background:Virtues:Vices:Diplomatic Roll:Movement and Range:Equipment:3 Slots AvailableClass:Class ...
Small Azriah 2y
Azriah1689Small Azriah 2y
Suncaster Character Sheets

[CS] Sildre Lummeth

Duskward Sildre LummethHERO MODEHP: 50/50 | One-Handed Spell: 1d25+2: crit on 18-25 +5 rg 35ft | Staff - 1d22+3: crit on 16-22 +3 Diplomatic Roll: 1d30+3Character Stats:Combatant [ + 2 ] +2 Mod to DamagePolitician [ + 3 ] +3 Mod to Diplomacy roles...
Small Sildre Lummeth 1y
Sildre Lummeth71542Small Sildre Lummeth 28d
Suncaster Character Sheets

[CS] Ouron Nethermoon

HERO MODEHP | Damage Roll(s) 55 | 1d28+4: crit on 21-28 +10; HEALING: 1d28+4: crit on 21-28 +10Character Stats: Commander 5Race: Sin'doreiBackground: ScholarVirtues:Arcanic Affinity: You have a +4 to Arcane based challenge checks.Beautiful: Increa...
Member avatar small Ouron Nethermoon 2y
Ouron Nethermoon285824Member avatar small Ouron Nethermoon 28d
Suncaster Character Sheets

[CS] Sanarissa Firewing

Duskward Sanarissa Firewing | Art by AmmaticeHERO MODECharacter Stats: Combatant +3, Guardian +3Combatant +3 mod damage to all attacks and class abilities Resourceful [Passive]: Grants an additional use to every class ability. Guardian +15 HP Taun...
Small Sanarissa Firewing 1y
Sanarissa Firewing51322Small Sanarissa Firewing 39d
Suncaster Character Sheets

[CS] Avada Emberfall

Suncaster Dawnward Avada EmberfallCommander mode: Suncasters125 HP || Damage: 1d45+25Troop choice: Emberlight Pyromancers + Scryer Dragonhawks + Retainer (Valkorastrasz)Troop Abilities: Flamestrike: Using a large explosion template, deal 5d30+15...
Small Avada 2y
Avada102901Small Avada 40d
Suncaster Character Sheets

[CS] Afina Voidchaser

If image does not load please click hereAfina VoidchaserHERO MODEHP | Damage Roll(s): HP 50 (+15 in case of Spell Shield). Perception Roll(s): 1d100-10 (Blind 1 but also Nethermancer).Diplomatic Roll: +4 on Social roles against enemies, -4 To enem...
Small Afina Voidchaser 1y
Afina Voidchaser51435Small Afina Voidchaser 40d
Suncaster Character Sheets

[CS] Hamelin

HamelinCOMMANDER MODE90HP | 5d10+15Subunit: SuncasterRank: EmberwardTroop Choice: Oathsworn MagistersTroop Abilities: *Blizzard [1]: Oathsworn Magisters rain down a heavy storm of ice upon an enemy target. Uses a large explosion template.M...
Small Shuna 109d
Shuna1147Small Shuna 109d
Suncaster Character Sheets

[CS] Avari Silverbrooke

AVARI SILVERBROOKEHERO MODEHP: 50Damage: Sword - 1d10: crit on 7-10+2 | Spell - 1d25+2: crit on 18-25 +5Character Stats:Politician x5: +5 DP, +5 mod to all diplomatic rolls.Calm [1]: Diplomat characters may attempt to reroll a failed social attemp...
Small Avie Silverbrooke 119d
Avie Silverbrooke1173Small Avie Silverbrooke 119d
Suncaster Character Sheets

[CS] Eldris Ebontide

HERO MODECharacter Stats: Combatant: +3 Resourceful [Passive]: Grants an additional use to every class ability. Guardian: +2 (+5 HP per point) Taunt: Taunt: Guardians may now taunt targets by rolling 1d20. A 8+ is considered to be a successful...
Member avatar small Mynera 149d
Mynera1188Member avatar small Mynera 149d
Suncaster Character Sheets

[CS] Narridel Phoenixshine

HERO MODECharacter Stats: Commander: +3 Iron Fist [Passive]:: Grants immunity to routing.Combatant: +2Race: Sin’dorei Arcanic Affinity: +4 to Arcane based challenge checks Beautiful: Increases your character’s charm rolls by +2. Background: Nob...
Small Narridel 271d
Narridel2774Small Narridel 163d
Suncaster Character Sheets

[CS] Vinuathruil Dawnflare

Vinuathruil DawnflareHERO MODEHP | Damage/Healing Roll(s) 60 (+10 from 2 points in Guardian)D: 1d25+5: crit on 18-25+2 (spells)D: 1d10+3 crit on 7-10+2 (swords)Character Stats:Guardian +2Combatant +3Race: Sin'doreiBackground: ScholarVirtues:Arca...
Member avatar small Vinuathruil Dawnflare 173d
Vinuathruil Dawnflare1191Member avatar small Vinuathruil Dawnflare 173d
Suncaster Character Sheets

[CS] Corinth Cinderstorm

HERO MODECharacter Stats: Combatant: +3 Resourceful [Passive]: Grants an additional use to every class ability. Politician: +2 to Diplomacy Race: Sin'dorei Arcane Affinity: +4 to Arcane based challenge checks Beautiful: +2 to Charm rolls Backg...
Member avatar small Mynera 1y
Mynera2642Member avatar small Mynera 222d
Suncaster Character Sheets

[CS] Novidra Summershard

Novidra SummershardHP | Damage/Healing Roll(s): 50HP | +3 Character Stats: +3 Combatant - Resourceful - Extra Use of class abilities+2 Politician Race: Sin’DoreiBackground: NobleVirtues:Alert - Increases your character’s perception rolls by +15Arc...
Small Vyriali Cinderspear 232d
Vyriali Cinderspear1343Small Vyriali Cinderspear 232d
Suncaster Character Sheets

[CS] Lanthirion Runesun

Lanthirion RunesunHERO MODE50 HP | 1d22+6: crit on 16-22 +3 (Staff, Range 5ft) | 1d25+5: crit on 18-25 +5 (Spells, Range 30ft)Initiative: 1d100Diplomatic Roll: 1d30+2>18Perception: 1d100-15Character Stats:Combatant (3): +3 mod damage on all att...
Small Zanaeva 233d
Zanaeva1199Small Zanaeva 233d
Suncaster Character Sheets

[CS] Windsong Sunfury

Windsong Sunfury, EmberwardArt by Dasair and resized to fit this post. original post here.HERO MODEClass: Mage70 HP | 30 ft walk, 50 ft running | Range: 35 ft Base 1d25+2: crit on 18-25 +5 Dagger: 1d10: crit on 7-10+2Range: Melee Bonus: Riposte...
Small Tyleril Silversword 1y
Tyleril Silversword41041Small Tyleril Silversword 241d
Suncaster Character Sheets

[CS] Rythaen Firestorm

HERO MODE50 HP | 1d29+5, Crit on 22-29+5Character Stats:Combatant: +3 mod dmg to combat rollsResourceful [Passive]: Grants an additional use to every class ability.Politician: +2 mod dmg to diplomatic rollsRace: Sin’doreiArcanic Affinity: +4 to Ar...
Small Azriah 2y
Azriah31079Small Azriah 252d
Suncaster Character Sheets

[CS] Ilaeriel Firestorm

I L A E R I E L . F I R E S T O R MA meek yet powerful young woman seeking to protect her living and remaining family in House Firestorm.---------------------------------------------------C O M M A N D E R M O D E----------------------------------...
Small Vaelrin 2y
Vaelrin2675Small Vaelrin 252d