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Sunspear Character Sheets

[Pinned] [CS]Telchis Truefeather

Archon Telchis Truefeather the Gallant; Admiral of the Crimson Fleet, Serdar of the DawnspireBorn without peerless conviction to justice, duty, and valor, Telchis Truefeather strives to bring a lasting peace to Quel'Thalas. Telchis has spent much ...
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Felthier22891Small Felthier 263d
Sunspear Character Sheets

[Pinned] [CS] Zalin Shadowsunder

Sunward Zalin Shadowsunder the Sentinel; Knight-Lieutenant of Falcon CompanyCommander Mode:165 HP (150 Default + 15 Regalia) | D: 1d50+30 (40 Default + 5 Regalia + 5 Affinity) + (15 Default + 10 Captain + 5 Affinity)Subunit: Sunspear BattalionRank...
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Zalin52706Small Zalin 1y
Sunspear Character Sheets

[Pinned] [CS] Sakialyn Emberstar

Knight-Commander Sakialyn Emberstar, The GuardianUpdated 05/21/19Commander ModeTroop Choice: SwordsmenThese veterans of war are well equipped to fight. They carry shorter oaken shields and swift curved longswords. Clad in light plate and heavy mai...
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Sunspear Character Sheets


(If you have art of your character, feel free to add it here!)(Your Character’s Name Here)HERO MODEHP | Damage/Healing Roll(s) Character Stats:Race:Background:Virtues:Vices:Diplomatic Roll:Movement and Range:Equipment:3 Slots AvailableClass:Class ...
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Azriah1752Small Azriah 2y
Sunspear Character Sheets

[CS] Zaerise Morrowburn

Zaerise MorrowburnWitch of the Firebreak Coven, of the Silver Ridge MountainsHERO MODECharacter Stats: Combatant +3, Guardian +3Combatant +3 mod damage to all attacks and class abilities Resourceful [Passive]: Grants an additional use to every cl...
Small Sanarissa Firewing 189d
Sanarissa Firewing4939Small Sanarissa Firewing 4d
Sunspear Character Sheets

[CS] Thanidiel Highdawn

Dawnward | The Conqueror | The Templar | Phoenix Guard | Hero of Azeroth | BloodbourneHERO MODE55 HP | 1d22+3: crit on 16-22 +3 Character Stats:Commander: +25 troops in Command ModeIron Fist (Passive): Grants Immunity to RoutingRace:Sin’dorei Arca...
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Thanidiel266250Member avatar small Thanidiel 5d
Sunspear Character Sheets

[CS] Gideon Greatmantle

HERO MODEHP | Damage Roll(s) 75 | 1d10: crit on 7-10+2 Character Stats: Protector 5Race: HumanBackground: SoldierVirtues:Gifted: Your character has a +1 to all challenge checks.Versatile: Your character may choose one ability from another base cla...
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Ouron Nethermoon4447Member avatar small Ouron Nethermoon 5d
Sunspear Character Sheets

[CS] Varyc, the Crowned Tower

Name: VarycSub Unit: Sunspears Rank: EmberwardHero Mode: 70 hp*. 1d17+5: crit on 14-17+4Diplomacy roll: 1d30>18 base. 3 DP health Combatant - 3: +3 mod damage bonus. Resourceful [Passive]: Grants an additional use to every class ability.Guardi...
Small Aurelian 176d
Aurelian4667Small Aurelian 5d
Sunspear Character Sheets

[CS] Ithanar Islesun

Ithanar IslesunEX-SPELLBREAKER | DAWNWARD | HERO OF AZEROTH | BLOODBORNECOMMANDER MODE140 HP40 ft. [march] | 60 ft. [forced march] | melee [range]1d60+30 [damage]UNITSunspear BattalionRANKDawnwardDREADNAUGHTSCrafted for war, these heavy plated sol...
Small Ithanar 2y
Ithanar2910537Small Ithanar 77d
Sunspear Character Sheets

[CS] Li Xing

HERO MODE60 HP | Damage: 1d28+7: crit on 21-28 +10Character Stats: Combatant +3 • +3 mod damage on all attacks and class abilities• Resourceful [Passive]: Grants an additional use to every class abilityGuardian +2 • +10 HP• Taunt: Guardians may no...
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Thinariel1186Small Thinariel 100d
Sunspear Character Sheets

[CS] Laralienne Emberwood

HERO MODECharacter Stats: Commander: +3 Iron Fist [Passive]:: Grants immunity to routing. Guardian: +1 Taunt:: Guardians may now taunt targets by rolling 1d20. A 8+ is considered to be a successful taunt. Some bosses/creatures cannot be taunted....
Small Narridel 210d
Narridel3358Small Narridel 114d
Sunspear Character Sheets

[CS] Vyriali Cinderspear

Emberward Vyriali CinderspearHERO MODEHP 65 | Damage/Healing Roll(s) +3 max and +5 mod damage +20 to Perception. Character Stats:Guardian IIIResolute [Passive]: You may attempt to reroll any failed rolls that may impair your character from action ...
Small Vyriali Cinderspear 237d
Vyriali Cinderspear2326Small Vyriali Cinderspear 150d
Sunspear Character Sheets

[CS] Sheolva Sunscorned of the Firstfallen

[ Art to be added later ]Sheolva SunscornedCOMMANDER MODERank: InitiateSubunit: The SunspearsTroop Choice: MacemenTroop Abilities: Splint Mail Cost: 1 Commander Point Bonus: Increases troop total by 15 but decreases max damage by -10. “Cladding th...
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Sunspear Character Sheets

[CS] Shalyndr Bloodquill

Shalyndr Bloodquill - Sunspear Emberward [Updated: 1/21/19]~~~~~~~HERO MODEHealth Points: 65 [50 + 10 (2 Guardian) + 5 (crafted armor)] | Damage Rolls: 1d22+6, crit on 16-22= +3 (Spear) (1d22+3 base + [+3] for Combatant [3]) Range: 5ftCharacter St...
Small Iiloridan 2y
Iiloridan41350Small Iiloridan 176d
Sunspear Character Sheets

[CS] Renneth Duskslayer

Reneth DuskslayerHero ModeHP: 80 (+10 Shield Starting Combat)D: 1d22+3: crit on 16-22 +3 (Spear)Guardian [1]Movement: 30 / 50Range: 30ftInitiative: +10Character StatisticsGuardian +5 HP +25 Taunt: Guardians may now taunt targets by rolling 1d20....
Small Sederis 198d
Sederis1229Small Sederis 198d
Sunspear Character Sheets

[CS] Syerena Skyshatter

HERO MODEHP | Damage Roll(s) HP: 502d16+7 (crit 12-16 +7)2d21+10 (Blood Frenzy)Character Stats:+5 Combatant Resourceful [Passive]: Grants an additional use to every class ability.Race: Blood ElfBackground: SoldierVirtues:Arcanic Affinity - You hav...
Small Lirelle 204d
Lirelle1232Small Lirelle 204d
Sunspear Character Sheets

[CS] Aestiah Firestorm

A E S T I A H . F I R E S T O R MA once ruthless soldier who served a force that tackled the deepest and darkest pits Azeroth had to throw at them. Now a retired soldier, she raises her daughter in quiet solitude in Silvermoon. But every now and t...
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Vaelrin21076Small Vaelrin 208d
Sunspear Character Sheets

[CS] Velard Rainwood

Velard Rainwood, the SnakeHERO MODEHP | Damage/Healing Roll(s) -HP: 50-Damage: 1d28+5Character Stats:Race: Sin'dorei- Arcanic Affinity- BeautifulBackground: Soldier- Disciplined- EnduranceVirtues:- Cunning (Free)- Proven (Pvp)- Manipulator- Preda...
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Iydrius1272Member avatar small Iydrius 214d
Sunspear Character Sheets

[CS] Fiaera Ashwing

Fiaera AshwingCOMMANDER MODEHP | Damage Roll(s): 110 HP, 1d35+10Subunit: SunspearRank: EmberwardTroop Choice: Swordsmen: These veterans of war are well equipped to fight. They carry shorter oaken shields and swift curved longswords. Clad in light ...
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Sunspear Character Sheets

[CS] Valanthir Autumnsworn

Emberward Valanthir AutumnswornHERO MODEHP: 65 || Damage: 1d25+6: crit on 18-25 +4Movement and Range:30ft walking || 50ft sprinting || 35ft rangeCharacter Stats: Combatant +3 +3 mod damage on all attacks and class abilities Resourceful [Passive]: ...
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Valanthir2422Small Valanthir 219d