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Sunspear Character Sheets

[Pinned] [CS] Zalin Shadowsunder

Sunward Zalin Shadowsunder the Sentinel; Knight-Lieutenant of Falcon CompanyCommander Mode:165 HP (150 Default + 15 Regalia) | D: 1d50+30 (40 Default + 5 Regalia + 5 Affinity) + (15 Default + 10 Captain + 5 Affinity)Subunit: Sunspear BattalionRank...
Small Zalin 3y
Zalin51691Small Zalin 116d
Sunspear Character Sheets

[Pinned] [CS]Telchis Truefeather

Archon Telchis Truefeather the Gallant; Admiral of the Crimson Fleet, Serdar of the DawnspireBorn without peerless conviction to justice, duty, and valor, Telchis Truefeather strives to bring a lasting peace to Quel'Thalas. Telchis has spent much ...
Small Felthier 3y
Felthier82156Small Felthier 196d
Sunspear Character Sheets

[Pinned] [CS] Sakialyn Emberstar

Knight-Commander Sakialyn Emberstar, The GuardianUpdated 08/03/17Commander ModeTroop Choice: SwordsmenThese veterans of war are well equipped to fight. They carry shorter oaken shields and swift curved longswords. Clad in light plate and heavy mai...
Small Sakialyn 3y
Sakialyn31647Small Sakialyn 297d
Sunspear Character Sheets


(If you have art of your character, feel free to add it here!)(Your Character’s Name Here)COMMANDER MODEHP | Damage Roll(s) Subunit:Rank:Troop Choice:Troop Abilities:Movement and Range:Commander Points:HERO MODEHP | Damage Roll(s) Diplomatic Roll:...
Small Azriah 1y
Azriah1428Small Azriah 1y
Sunspear Character Sheets

[CS] Ithanar Islesun

Ithanar IslesunHero of Azeroth | Dawnward | Former Spellbreaker | Old Grumpy ElfCOMMANDER MODE140 HP40 ft. [march] | 60 ft. [forced march] | melee [range]1d55+30 [damage]UNITSunspear BattalionRANKDawnwardDREADNAUGHTSCrafted for war, these heavy pl...
Small Ithanar 1y
Ithanar223014Small Ithanar 13d
Sunspear Character Sheets

[CS] Thanidiel Highdawn

Lightward | The Conqueror | The Templar | Phoenix Guard | Hero of AzerothCOMMANDER MODE135 HP | 1d40+25Subunit:Sunspear BattalionRank: LightwardTroop Choice:Phoenix Guards: 115 HPDamage: 1d30+20Troop Abilities:Hold the Line:Phoenix Guard are unabl...
Member avatar small Thanidiel 1y
Thanidiel171867Member avatar small Thanidiel 13d
Sunspear Character Sheets

[CS] Vaiyeri Dawnbreak

Vaiyeri DawnbreakRace: Sin'doreiClass: PaladinCommander Mode: HP 100 | Damage Roll(s) 1d25+25 Subunit:Sunspear Rank: Initiate Troop Choice: Spearmen Troop Abilities: Spearwall: Spearmen deal double damage to enemy cavalry. They do not take inc...
Small Casterly 43d
Casterly174Small Casterly 43d
Sunspear Character Sheets

[CS] Zanaeva Emberwalker

Zanaeva EmberwalkerCOMMANDER MODE100 HP | Damage - 1d35+15Subunit: SunspearRank: EmberwardTroop Choice: Spearmen Troop Abilities: Spearwall: Spearmen deal double damage to enemy cavalry. They do not take increased damage Flanking Charges.Movement ...
Small Zanaeva 171d
Zanaeva3329Small Zanaeva 90d
Sunspear Character Sheets

[CS] Verenis Helios

COMMANDER MODEHP 130 | Damage Roll(s) 1d25+20Subunit: SunpearRank: InitiateTroop Choice: SpearmenTroop Abilities: Spearwall:Spearmen deal double damage to enemy cavalry. They do not take increased damage Flanking Charges. Heavy ShieldsCost: 1 Co...
Member avatar small Verenis 91d
Verenis1143Member avatar small Verenis 91d
Sunspear Character Sheets

[CS] Tesni Feverflare

Initiate Tesni Feverflare- COMMANDER MODE -HP | Damage Roll(s) 100HP | 1d25+15Subunit: Sunspear BattalionRank: InitiateTroop Choice: SpearmenTroop Abilities:• Spearwall: Spearmen deal double damage to enemy cavalry. They do not take increased dama...
Member avatar small Tesni 97d
Tesni2194Member avatar small Tesni 95d
Sunspear Character Sheets

[CS] Ameniel Shadowlily

Ameniel Shadowlily[2 Renown]COMMANDER MODE80 HP | 1d55+25 MeleeSubunit: SunspearsRank: InitiateTroop Choice: SwordsmenMovement and Range: 40 ft. March; 60 ft. Forced MarchCommander Points: 3Runic Fencer [1 Commander Point]: +5 max and mod damage. ...
Small Feyrintha 104d
Feyrintha1168Small Feyrintha 104d
Sunspear Character Sheets

[CS] Sederis Emberheart

Dawnward Sederis EmberheartA survivor of countless battles, each as pointless as the last, Sederis Emberheart has nothing left to him but a death wish. Fusing both the training from his youth, with the training he received in Pandaria, he journeys...
Small Sederis 2y
Sederis102223Small Sederis 108d
Sunspear Character Sheets

[CS] Amren Sunsworn

Amren SunswornArtist Credit: Ybee -------------------------------------------------COMMANDER MODEHP | Damage Roll(s) 70 | 1d35+10Subunit: SunspearRank: InitiateTroop Choice: Blood Knight LancersTroop Abilities: Penetrating AssaultLancers are abl...
Small Amren Sunsworn 109d
Amren Sunsworn1157Small Amren Sunsworn 109d
Sunspear Character Sheets

[CS] Avie Silverbrooke

AVIE SILVERBROOKE – PROTECTION PALADINCOMMANDER MODEHP: 105Damage: 1d45+15Subunit: SunspearRank: DawnwardTroop: Blood Knight LancersMovement: 65ft/85ftRange: MeleeTROOP ABILITIESPenetrating AssaultLancers are able to drive through enemy infantry u...
Small Avie Silverbrooke 2y
Avie Silverbrooke71749Small Avie Silverbrooke 115d
Sunspear Character Sheets

[CS] Esheyn Flamethorn

(Art coming soon!)Dawnward Esheyn Flamethorn Commander Mode135 HP | 1d40+20Subunit: Sunspear BattalionRank: DawnwardTroop Choice: SwordsmenTroop Abilities:Shield Wall [1]: For the next turn, your target will take half damage. This may be used as a...
Small Esheyn 1y
Esheyn61158Small Esheyn 115d
Sunspear Character Sheets

[CS] Oosaarn Bloodaxe

Art by crystalcurtis.Oosaarn BloodaxeWarsong VeteranSunspear MercenaryCommander Mode155 HP | 1d50+25 - Melee | 6 Commander Points (+4 for Light's Glory Veteran, Commander Stats, Dawnward, and Prestige)Crafted for war, these heavy plated soldiers ...
Small Cynel 3y
Cynel51474Small Cynel 119d
Sunspear Character Sheets

[CS] Catriah J. Phoenixhearth

COMMANDER MODE HP | Damage Roll(s) 75 HP, Damage: 1d40+20 Subunit: Sunspear Rank: Emberward Troop Choice: Hawkstrider Outriders Troop Abilities:Damage: 1d40+20Ranged: Hawkstrider Outriders are able to cross a great distance and attack at a ra...
Small Reynllin 160d
Reynllin 2284Small Reynllin 152d
Sunspear Character Sheets

[CS] Alestra "Kai" Ardbrae-DuVall

Alestra “Kai” Ardbrae-DuVall – Protection PaladinCOMMANDER MODEHP: 70Damage: 1d35+101d60+10 if Flanking ChargeRange: Melee/55ft/75ftSubunit: SunspearRank: EmberwardTroop Choice: Blood Knight LancersTroop Abilities:Penetrating AssaultLancers are ab...
Small Kai 192d
Kai3368Small Kai 155d
Sunspear Character Sheets

[CS] Aestus Battlevalor

COMMANDER MODEHP | Damage Roll(s) Health: 105Damage: 1d35+15Subunit:Sunspear BattalionRank: EmberwardTroop Choice:Oathsworn SwordsmenTroop Abilities:Seasoned Battlemaster- 1 CP| +5 max and mod damage. The Seasoned Battlemaster makes the player, an...
Small Aestus 332d
Aestus2346Small Aestus 159d
Sunspear Character Sheets

[CS] Umvariel Inktide

COMMANDER MODETroop Choice: Thalassian MarinesHP | Damage Roll(s): 100 HP,1d40+25Subunit: SunspearRank: InitiateTroop Abilities: Sea-Claw Bows: Thalassian Marines carry with them short bows in addition to their swords and shields. They can quickly...
Member avatar small Umvariel 180d
Umvariel2260Member avatar small Umvariel 160d