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Sunguard Roll Battle System

[Pinned] How To: Hero Mode

Hero ModeHero Mode is an event type where your character stands alone. These events can include base rolls for investigation, social interaction, and crowd control. For combat, your abilities and rolls will be based off of your in-game class and w...
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Sunguard Roll Battle System

[Pinned] How To: Commander Mode

Commander ModeCommander Mode is a more dynamic event in which your character will be leading troops. Your abilities will be based off of the troop choice, which can change with every battle, so don’t be afraid to branch out! Below, you will be wal...
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Sunguard Roll Battle System

[Pinned] Roll20 Etiquette: Guide

Roll20 Event Etiquette: A GuideThis post is designed to be a guide on participating in a fun and successful D20 event. While this is not a set of rules, these simple steps are good starting points for both beginners and intermediate players. I wel...
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Sunguard Roll Battle System

[Pinned] How to Create a Roll20 Event

Here is a quick little guide to help people wrap their heads around what it takes to create and run a Roll20 event. This is a quick and brief step-by-step description intended for players who are veterans with the Sunguard's Roll20 system. Don't h...
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Sunguard Roll Battle System

[Pinned] List of Possible Renown

Previously known as Campaign Points, Renown is earned by participating in events.Renown is account shared and not specific to characters. Must have attended at least 50% or more of the events to qualify for Renown:Siege of Orgrimmar Battle of Bilg...
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Sunguard Roll Battle System

[Pinned] Sunguard Roll Battle System Directory

For better formation and accessibility, all information about the Sunguard Roll Battle System has been transferred to google docs. This allows players the options of accessing all the information with a primary directory and helps prevent misinfor...
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Sunguard Roll Battle System

Archived Information

Shrine Overview:Shrines are locations found within the world that our guild operates that act as dungeons that may hold valuable look and other bonuses. As players we may choose to reclaim a shrine from an enemy occupant and gain the valuable thin...
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Sunguard Roll Battle System

Handy Tips: Prewriting Combat Emotes for Roll20

Bringing your character to a Roll20 battle event with The Sunguard is an exciting opportunity to immerse yourself in the heat of the fray and explore how your character operates in a combat situation. It’s an opportunity to delve into writing deta...
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Sunguard Roll Battle System

How To: Making Roll20 Maps

Some people have been asking how I make the maps for our roll20 campaigns, so here's a tutorial!For this, I use Photoshop. First off, pick an area in game you'd like to do. For this example, I'll be doing some more Shattrah areas for future campai...
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