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Character Stats:
Combatant: +3
Resourceful [Passive]: Grants an additional use to every class ability.
Support: +2

Race: Sin’dorei
  • Arcanic Affinity: +4 to Arcane based challenge checks
  • Beautiful: Increases your character’s charm rolls by +2.

Background: Acolyte
  • Blessed: Allows your character to roll a 1d20>12 when defeated to reduce their character’s wound severity by one.
  • Impervious: When your character has 75% or higher HP, CC checks against them have a -2 threshold.

  • Amphibious: Allows players to cross or move through water without a challenge check or a movement penalty.
  • Versatile: Your character may choose one ability from another base class, replacing one of your normal class abilities.
  • Swift: Increases your character’s walk and sprint by +5ft.
  • Small: Your character is able to move through enemies even when there is no space to move around them.
  • Alert: Increases your character’s perception rolls by +15.

  • Pushover II: You cannot intimidate and have a -8 threshold for intimidate attempts against your character.
  • Clumsy I: Your character has a +4 threshold to physical challenge checks.
  • Fool I: You have a -4 to your persuasion rolls.
  • Gullible I: Your character has a -4 threshold to Plead and Persuasion attempts against them.
  • Honorable Duelist I: You have a -15 to your dueling initiative rolls.

HP | Damage Roll(s):
50 HP | Spells: D: 1d25+5: crit on 18-25 +5, Healing: H: 1d25+4: crit on 18-25 +5

Diplomatic Roll:
DP: 3
Persuasion: 1d30-4>18
Ettiquette: 1d30>18
Charm: 1d30+2>18
Seduce: 1d30>18
Plead: 1d30>18

Movement and Range:

  • Offensive spells: D: 1d25+5: crit on 18-25 +5 Range: 35 ft. Channeling: A player may choose to channel a turn instead of casting an offensive spell or magical class ability, increasing the number of dice rolled for that ability to increase by +1.
  • Spell-shield(Spell): Spell-Barrier[1]: Add a spell barrier to self that absorbs 15hp damage. Spell-Barrier lasts until it is broken. Can be used as an instant.
  • Healing Spell: H: 1d25+4: crit on 18-25 +5 Spell-weaving: Whenever you crit on a heal, you may choose another target and heal them for half of your total healing done.


Prestige Class:

Class Abilities:
  • Arctic Brilliance[2]: The mage summons powerful ice magic to replicate their attack. For the next two turns, they will gain an additional dice on their basic offensive spell rolls. (i.e 1d15+2 now becomes 2d15+2) They can choose to split their basic offensive spells to two different targets. When doing so the damage will be spread equally among the targets. This is a minor action.
  • Saving Grace[2]: The priest attempts to save an allied player/character by pulling them to their location with light magic within 15ft. May be used as an instant. Range: 15ft
  • Channeled Healing[3]: The priest calls upon intense concentration to heal a target. The priest can heal a single target for 3d10+4 and if the roll exceeds 20, the targets gains a 15HP shield.


Veteran Traits:


Rank: Emberward

Subunit: Dawnmender

Troop Choice: Squallshapers

Troop Abilities:
  • Blood Waves[2]: Damage and healing spells gain a +10 max for a single turn and the Squallshaper may choose to either damage or heal two different targets. The damage or healing is spread equally between each target. May be used as an instant.

Commander Points: 2
  • Dawnbreaker Waveweavers: Squallshapers gain a new ability called Waveweaving. This allows the Squalshapers to give an allied unit or itself another turn. If used on an ally unit, they will use their extra turn in the same turn as the Squalshaper.
  • Crimson Hydromancer: Increases max and mod healing/damage by 10, but decreases troop total by -15.

Troop Total | Damage Roll(s)
Total: 60 Damage: 1d45+20 Healing: 1d45+20

Troop Movement and Range:
Range: 35 ft. Movement: 40/60
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