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Xirssa Briartongue


HP | Damage Roll(s): 50hp | +2 mod

Character Stats:
Commander III: +15 Troops
Iron Fist [Passive]: Grants immunity to routing.
Combatant II: +2 mod

Race: Briarsoul Satyr

Background: Scholar

Virtues: Renown Spent: 3
Alert: Increases your character’s perception rolls by +15.
Animalistic: You may calm a hostile non-boss beasts by rolling a Nature challenge check. (Once per event)
Brave: Decreases the required threshold to pass a fear CC check by -2.
Disciplined: Whenever your character successfully resists a CC check, they gain 1d15+5 HP.
Expert: Your character may choose to reroll any failed non-diplomacy challenge rolls during an event.(Can only be used once per event)
Inventive: Decreases the threshold of all challenge checks by -2
Manipulator: Adds the social option of Lie. Lies have a -4 threshold to social challenge checks, but the target lied to may attempt to roll perception to determine if they can see through the lie. A 70+ is required to detect the lie. If detected, the liar takes 2 DP damage.
Mystical: Your character has a +4 to all knowledge challenge checks.
Nature’s Gift: Your character has a +4 to nature based challenge checks.
Swift: Increases your character’s walk and sprint by +5ft.
Lay of the Land: Increases your character’s perception rolls by +10. Allows them to reroll a perception roll once per event. They will keep the second of the two rolls

Crass II: Your character cannot successfully pass an etiquette challenge check.
Honorable I: Must always take the honorable action when given the chance.
Honorable Duelist II: You must always attack second in a duel.
Pariah II: Whenever your character attempts to perform a social challenge check, they will have a +4 to their threshold if the character is the same race as they are and they take double the DP damage to social options against them.
Stubborn II: At the start of diplomacy, you must pick a single type of social challenge rolls. You can only use that type of social challenge rolls for the remainder of the event.
Traumatized I: Whenever your character is less than 50% HP, they must pass a fear CC check of 1d20>12 to prevent them from being feared for one turn.

Diplomatic Roll(s):
Lie: 1d30>14
Persuasion: 1d30>18
Charm: 1d30>18
Seduce: 1d30>18
Plead: 1d30>18
Intimidation: 1d30>18

Movement and Range: 40ft/60ft - Melee/30ft

Spell Shield [1]: Add a spell barrier to self that absorbs 15hp damage. Spell-Barrier lasts until it is broken. Can be used as an instant.
Attack Spell: 1d25+4: crit on 18-25 +5
Healing: 1d25+2: crit on 18-25 +5

Class: Druid

Class Abilities:
Moonsong[2]: Calling on the powers of nature, the druid brings forth an intense wrath of magic. Entangle an enemy target in place for a single turn preventing it to move, and then strike it for 3d10+7 nature damage. - 30 ft
Starfall[1]: The druid summons the pure power of nature to devastate many foes. Using a small explosion template, deal 10d8+12 damage to each target. - 30 ft
Brilliant Tranquility[2]: The druid calls upon the power of nature to restore their allies. Heal up to three targets for 2d10+10 healing. Healing is equally dispersed among all selected targets. - 30ft

Prestige Class:

Alchemist Bag and Soldier Pack:

Crafted Items:

Veteran Traits:


Rank: Emberward

Subunit: Dying Sun

Troop Choice: Withervine Druids

Troop Abilities:

Witheroots[1]: When used in conjunction as a basic attack, Withervine Druids will root a non-boss enemy unit in place for 1 turn.
Soul-Siphon[Passive]: Whenever a Briarsoul Satyr kills an enemy target, they heal themselves for the damage dealt that turn.

Commander Points: 3/3 used
Master of the Horde
Cost: 1 Commander Point
Bonus: +5 max and mod damage. When dealing damage to an enemy unit, the player may roll 1d2 in an attempt to ensnare the enemy unit with nets for one turn. A roll of 1 is considered to be successful. Ensnared enemies cannot move for one turn.
“And you will wear the colors of my Illidari and the world will tremble under your hand.” Lord Illidan Stormrage, the Betrayer

Troop Total | Damage Roll(s): 85hp | 1d55+30

Troop Movement and Range: 45ft/60ft | 30ft Range
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