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[ Art to be added later ]

Sheolva Sunscorned


Rank: Initiate

Subunit: The Sunspears

Troop Choice: Macemen

Troop Abilities:
  • Splint Mail
  • Cost: 1 Commander Point Bonus: Increases troop total by 15 but decreases max damage by -10. “Cladding themselves in heavier armor, macemen make themselves into the impressive brawlers on the field.”
  • Thunderclap[2]
  • Cost: 1 Commander Point Bonus: The next two turns, all melee attacks will strike all adjacent enemy units in melee. “Macemen are trained to cause as much carnage as possible. The sound of mace cracking on bone sounds like thunder itself.”

Commander Points: 2

Troop Total (HP) and Damage/Healing Roll:

Troop (HP): 100

Troop Damage Roll: 1d40+15

Movement and Range:

Range: Melee

Movement March: 40ft

Movement Forced March: 60ft


HP | Damage/Healing Roll(s)

HP: 50 [+10 Guardian]/Total: 60
Damage Roll(s): 1d25+{6} (Crit: 18-25 +4)

Character Stats:

Combatant: 3
  • Resourceful [Passive]: Grants an additional use to every class ability.
Guardian: 2
  • Taunt: Guardians may now taunt targets by rolling 1d20. A 8+ is considered to be a successful taunt. Some bosses/creatures cannot be taunted. Range: 10ft

Race: Sin'dorei

Background: Soldier


  • Arcanic Affinity: You have a +4 to Arcane based challenge checks.
  • Beautiful: Increases your character’s charm rolls by +2.
  • Disciplined: Whenever your character successfully resists a CC check, they gain 1d15+5 HP.
  • Stalwart: Whenever your character successfully passes a physical challenge check, gain 1d15+5 HP.
  • Battleborn: While engaged in combat, your character gains +8 to physical challenge checks.
  • Berserker: When within 25% HP of your character’s maximum health, they become immune to CC.

  • Pariah (Lv. 2): Whenever your character attempts to perform a social challenge check, they will have a +4 to their threshold if the character is the same race as they are and they take double the DP damage to social options against them
  • Hideous (Lv. 2): (Negates Beautiful) Your character's party cannot attempt charm social challenge checks while you are active in diplomacy.
Diplomatic Roll: 1d30>18

Movement and Range:

Walking: 30ft
Sprint: 50ft
Range: Melee

Two-Handed Sword
  • Crushing[3]: Minor Action(can also be used with other minor actions on a given turn). Allows the player to deal full damage to fortified enemies from basic attacks this turn.

Class: Death Knight

Class Abilities:

  • Sanguine Replenishment{2}: Using powerful blood magic, the death knight hones their dark energies. All damage taken for a turn will heal the death knight of the damage dealt to them. The death knight may not be killed by a single attack while Sanguine Replenishment is active unless the damage is double their maximum HP. May be used as an instant.
  • Range: Self
  • Runic Onslaught{3}: A heavy swing using the runes inscribed on a death knight’s runic blade. Deals 3d15+10 damage. If the total damage dealt exceeds 25, heal yourself for 20 HP.
  • Range: Melee
  • Unholy Dominance{3}: A ranged attack that damages a target at a distance. This skill deals 3d12+8 damage at a ranged distance. It deals +10 to holy based targets.
  • Range: 10ft

Prestige Class: Dawning Avenger

Bonus: +3 max and +2 mod. Increases to crit damage by +5. Increases initiative by +20.

Bonus Skills:
Dawning Strike[2]: The Dawning Avenger calls upon their martial power to vanquish an enemy. Attack a target for a roll of 4d12+5.
Action Type: Major
Range: Melee

Morning’s Vengeance[1]: An attack that would normally kill a Dawning Avenger reduces them to 1d15hp instead of killing them.
Action Type: Instant
Range: Self

Crafted Items: N/A

Alchemist Bag and Soldier Pack: N/A

Veteran Traits: N/A

Mission Complete Items:
  • 2 Fortified Essences
  • 6 Fortified Essences, Battle of Darkwood
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Updated for Sunguard System Update 5.6
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Updated for Sunguard System Update 5.7 and added Prestige Class in correspondence to the Finale Campaign.
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