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HP: 75 | Damage Roles: 1d20+10

Subunit: Suncasters

Rank: Initiate

Troop Choice: Oathsworn Magisters

Troop Abilities:

Damage: 3d15+10
Oathsworn Magisters rain down a heavy storm of ice upon an enemy target. Using a large explosion template deal damage equally among all targets within the template.

Ley-Walker’s Escape[1]:
Cost: 1 Commander Point
Bonus: The Suncaster may switch their location with another friendly target regardless of the range.
“Once you can feel and see the streams of the ley, you may swim within them the same as any river.” -Orillion Starsuge

Arcane Wards[Passive]:
Cost: 1 Commander Point
Bonus: When taking ranged damage, Oathsworn Magisters may attempt to negate damage dealt to them. Roll 1d3 where a 1=success.
“Sometimes the best mages know when it’s wise to nullify a spell rather than cast one.”

Movement and Range: Range 35ft|March 40ft Forced 60ft

Commander Points: 2 (2 spent)


HP: 60 | Damage Roll: Staff: 1d22+6: crit on 16-22+6 Range: 5ft Offensive Spells: 1d25+5: crit on 18-25 +5 Range: 35ft

Diplomatic Roll: 1d30 +0

Character Stats: +5 avalible

+3 Combatant
⦁ +3 mod damage to all attacks and class abilities
⦁ Resourceful [Passive]: Grants an additional use to every class ability.

+2 Guardian
⦁ +10 HP
⦁ Taunt: Guardians may now taunt targets by rolling 1d20. A 8+ is considered to be a successful taunt. Some bosses/creatures cannot be taunted. Range: 10ft

Sin’dorei (Blood Elf)
⦁ Arcanic Affinity: You have a +4 to Arcane based challenge checks.
⦁ Beautiful: Increases your character’s charm rolls by +2.

⦁ Endurance: Whenever your character’s wound roll lands on 'no wound' you may return to battle with 1hp. (Only one success per event)
⦁ Disciplined: Whenever your character successfully resists a CC check, they gain 1d15+5 HP

⦁ Armored: Decreases your character’s wound rolls by -2
⦁ Alert: Increases your character’s perception rolls by +15
⦁ Impervious: When your character has 75% or higher HP, CC checks against them have a -2 threshold.
⦁ Reserved: Seduction attempts against your character have a -4 modifier.

⦁ Lumbering II: (Negates Agile) Your character will always go second in a duel.
⦁ Stubborn II: At the start of diplomacy, you must pick a single type of social challenge rolls. You can only use that type of social challenge rolls for the remainder of the event.
⦁ Squeamish I: When two or more enemies within 5ft of your character are killed, you must roll a challenge check of 1d30>18 to determine if your character becomes nauseous from the sight of blood. This will stun your character for a turn.
⦁ Weakness to Blood Magic I: (Negates Sanguine) Your character suffers a -8 to blood magic checks.


Staff: 1d22+6: crit on 16-22+6 Range: 5ft
⦁ Leg Sweep[3]: Minor Action(can also be used with other minor actions on a given turn). When used, the player may attempt to stun an enemy, non-boss, target by rolling 1d20>12. A 12+ is considered to be successful. Stunned enemies cannot walk or attack for a turn.

Offensive Spells: 1d25+5: crit on 18-25 +5 Range: 35ft
⦁ Channeling: A player may choose to channel a turn instead of casting an offensive spell or magical class ability, increasing the number of dice rolled for that ability to increase by +1.
Range: Self

Spell-Shield [1]: Add a spell barrier to self that absorbs 15hp damage. Range: Self

Class: Mage

Movement Range: 35ft Spells | 30ft Walk | 50ft Sprint

Class Abilities:

Ice Block[2]: The mage encases themselves within a powerful shield of ice giving them a 30hp shield. May be used as an instant.
Range: Self

Frost Nova[3]: The mage sends out a blast of frost magic striking all enemy targets within 10ft. Deal 3d8+11 damage to all enemy units within an aura. The mage may also attempt to freeze all the enemies struck in place on a roll of 1d20>12 making them unable to move for one turn. Range: 10ft

Mirror Image[2]: Summoning two illusions of themselves, the mage splits themselves apart magically to assail an opponent. Create two mirror images of the mage that lasts two turns. The mirror images roll the same basic attack dice as the mage, but their damage is halved of the rolled value. This is a minor action.
Range: Self

Prestige Class: N/A

Items: N/A

Alchemist Bag:
Health Potion: 1d50+15 (500g)
Revitalization Potion: 1d25+10 on fallen player (1,000g)

Veteran Traits: N/A
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