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Initiate Lyrenn Moonveil


HP: 50 | Damage Roll(s): 1d10 | Healing: 1d25+2

Movement and Range: Walk: 35ft Sprint: 55ft Melee/30ft

Diplomatic Roll: 1d30>18
Persuasion: 1d30
Charm: 1d30 +2 (Belf)
Seduce: 1d30
Plead: 1d30 -4 (gullible)
Intimidation: 1d30 -4 (gullible)

Character Stats: Support +5: +5 mod healing on all spells and class abilities
Battle-Mending[Passive]: Support characters may choose to have their heals be split between two players healing either equally. Healers must declare the two targets selected prior to rolling to qualify.

Race: Sin'dorei
Arcanic Affinity: You have a +4 to Arcane based challenge checks.
Beautiful: Increases your character’s charm rolls by +2.

Background: Commoner:
Lay of the Land: Increases your character’s perception rolls by +10. Allows your character to reroll a perception roll once per event. They will keep the second of the two rolls.
Lucky: Allows your character to reroll any critically failed challenge checks (a natural roll of 1-3). (Only one success per event)

Virtues: Nature’s Gift: Your character has a +4 to nature based challenge checks
Animalist: You may calm hostile non-boss beasts by rolling a Nature challenge check.

Vices: Inexperienced: Your character has a -30 to initiative rolls.
Gullible: Your character has a -4 threshold to Plead and Persuasion attempts against them.


One handed sword: 1d10: crit on 7-10+2 Range: melee
Riposte[3]: Instant. When used, the player may roll 1d10>6 to attempt to counter attack a melee attack with the weapon where riposte is applied.

Healing Spell:
H: 1d25+2: crit on 18-25 +5
Spell-weaving: Whenever you crit on a heal, you may choose another target and heal them for half of your total healing done. Range: 30ft

Spell-shield(Spell): (Not an actual shield but an ability used by magical casters).
Spell-Barrier[1]: Add a spell barrier to self that absorbs 15hp damage. Spell-Barrier lasts until it is broken. Can be used as an instant. Range: Self

Class: Druid

Class Abilities:

Moonsong[2]: Calling on the powers of nature, the druid brings forth an intense wrath of magic. Entangle an enemy target in place for a single turn preventing it to move, and then strike it for 3d10+5 nature damage.

Brilliant Tranquility[2]: The druid calls upon the power of nature to restore their allies. Heal up to three targets for 2d10+10 healing. Healing is equally dispersed among all selected targets. Range: 30ft

Wild Growth[1]: The druid empowers a target to heal their wounds rapidly over time. Heal a target for 1d15+5 hp and then 1d8 hp over the next three turns. Range: 30ft

Prestige Class: none


Alchemist Bag and Soldier Pack:

Veteran Traits:

COMMANDER MODE: Oathsworn Dawnmenders

HP: 75 | Damage Roll(s):
Damage: 1d15 | Healing: 1d35+5

Subunit: Oathsworn Clerics

Rank: Initiate

Movement and Range: March: 40ft, Forced march: 60ft, Ranged 35ft

Commander points: 2

Troop Abilities:

Anatomical Training[1]
Cost: 1 Commander Point
Bonus: Increases max and mod healing by +5. Oathsworn Clerics can reduce a wound roll by 3. This can be used as an instant. Dawnmenders know all the various parts of their anatomy and even some of others.”

Righteous Cause
Cost: 1 Commander Point
Bonus: Oathsworn Clerics are immune CC(unless noted by the DM). Increases max and mod healing by 10. “If there is anything the Dawnmenders must stand for it is the defense of the weak, the healing of the sick, and the eradication of evil.”

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