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Emberward Cilivren Bloodsong


Character Stats: +5 Guardian
  • +25 HP
  • Taunt: Guardians may now taunt targets by rolling 1d20. A 8+ is considered to be a successful taunt. Some bosses/creatures cannot be taunted. Range: 10ft
  • Resolute [Passive]: You may attempt to reroll any failed rolls that may impair your character from action.

Race: Sin’dorei
Arcanic Affinity: You have a +4 to Arcane based challenge checks. Negated by Weakness to Arcane II.
Beautiful: Increases your character’s charms rolls by +2. Negated by Plain II.

Background: Soldier
Stalwart: Whenever your character successfully passes a physical challenge check, gain 1d15+5 HP.
Endurance: Whenever your character’s wound roll lands on 'no wound' you may return to battle with 1hp. (Only one success per event)

Armored: (Taken with Negation of Beautiful) Decreases your character’s wound rolls by -2.
Flight: Allows your character to cross over gaps and dangerous terrain without a physical challenge roll.
Girth: (Free) Decreases the required threshold to pass a physical CC check by -2.

Stern: (Taken with Negation of Arcane Affinity) Increases your character’s intimidation rolls by +2.

Alert: Increases your character’s perception rolls by +15.
Battleborn: While engaged in combat, your character gains +8 to physical challenge checks.
Berserker: When within 25% HP of your character’s maximum health, they become immune to CC.
Born Leader: While your character is alive, players within 10ft of your character have -2 threshold for CC checks. (Does not affect self)
Expert: Your character may choose to reroll any failed non-diplomacy challenge rolls during an event.(Can only be used once per event)

Demonic: Your character may negate all campaign wound penalties by rolling 1d3, where a 1 is considered successful.
Fel Tainted: Your character has a +4 to fel based challenge checks.
Predator: At the start of combat, choose one enemy unit. Your character will gain +5 max and mod damage to units of that type. This effect ends once you kill a unit of that chosen type.
Versatile: Your character may choose one ability from another base class, replacing one of your normal class abilities.

Plain II: (Negates Beautiful) Your character cannot attempt charm or seduction social challenge rolls.

Arrogant II: Whenever your character attempts a social challenge against another character, they will have a +4 to the threshold if that character does not have the same background as your character. You also take 1DP damage if you fail a social challenge check against that character.
Crass II: Your character cannot successfully pass an etiquette challenge check.
Heavy II: Your character cannot be carried during combat.
Mean II: Your character can no longer plead or persuade other characters.
Pariah II: Whenever your character attempts to perform a social challenge check, they will have a +4 to their threshold if the character is the same race as they are and they take double the DP damage to social options against them.
Stubborn II: At the start of diplomacy, you must pick a single type of social challenge rolls. You can only use that type of social challenge rolls for the remainder of the event.


Weakness to Arcane II: Your character cannot pass arcane based challenge checks.
Weakness to Light II: Your character cannot pass a light based challenge check.
Weakness to Nature II: Your character cannot pass nature based challenge checks.

HP: 75 HP | Damage Roll: 1d25+3, crit on 18-25 +4

Diplomatic Roll:
Intimidation: 1d30+2>18 (Other), 1d30+2>22 (Sin’dorei)
Plead, Persuasion Negated by Mean II.
Charm, Seduction Negated by Plain II.

Movement and Range:
Walk: 35 ft
Sprint: 55 ft
Range: Melee/20 ft

Maces: 1d25+3: crit on 18-25 +4
Range: Base Class
Cleave[3]: Minor Action(can also be used with other minor actions on a given turn). When used while attacking an enemy target, the player may also strike an additional target within 5ft of the original enemy attacked.

Spell-Barrier[1]: Add a spell barrier to self that absorbs 15hp damage. Spell-Barrier lasts until it is broken. Can be used as an instant.
Range: Self

Class: Demon Hunter

Prestige Class: N/A

Class Abilities:
Metamorphosis[1]: Unlocking the beast within, the Demon Hunter transforms into a demonic monster for the next two turns. They gain a 15hp shield and a +5 modifier on all basic attacks and abilities. While Metamorphosis is active, players may fly over difficult terrain. This is a minor action.
Range: Self

Immolation[Passive]: The Demon Hunter surrounds themself with a powerful barrier of fel magic. They create an aura that deals 1d7 damage to all enemy units within it at the end of their turn.
Range: Personal

Heroic Leap[1]: (Versatile) The warrior may leap down upon a target that is within ranged area of damage. This leap allows them to jump over targets that may be blocking a path. The leap also deals 2d15 damage to the target.
Range: 20ft

Equipment: N/A

Alchemist Bag:
Health Potion: Heals a player for 1d50+15. Can be used on other players. Can be used in the same turn as a moment/attack. Cannot be used as an instant.
Starkvenom Potion: Used on melee weapons. Increases damage to your weapon(s) by +1 mod OR to a weapon(s) for +4 max damage.

Soldier Pack:
Flashing Star: Can be thrown to deal 5d5+5 damage to all targets in a small explosion template. Also causes a bright flash forcing non-boss targets to roll 1d20>11 to prevent from being stunned.
Sunweaver’s Splint: Can be used on a wounded player to reduce their wound severity by a full tier. (Such as reducing heaving wounds to minor wounds). Can be used on other players/self.

Veteran Traits: N/A

Tracked on Sanarissa.

Tracked on Sanarissa.



Rank: Emberward

Subunit: Dying Sun

Troop Choice: Bloodscale Myrmidon

Troop Abilities:

Bloodscale Myrmidon:
Cost: 1 Commander Point
Bonus: Upgrades the Naga Brood into Bloodscale Myrmidons, a powerful heavy infantry unit. Increases troop total by 15 and max damage by 10. Bloodscale Myrmidons are impervious to Penetrating Charges.

Power Overwhelming:
Cost: 1 Commander Point
Bonus: The Illidari player now deals full damage to fortified units.
“Desstroy their meager defenssess. Teach them the futility of their livess.” Scale-Lord Kaar’dum

Commander Points: 2

Troop Total: 115 HP | Damage Roll: 1d40+10

Troop Movement and Range:

Range: Melee/30 ft
March: 40 ft
Forced March: 60 ft
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Change Log:

- 5.5 System Update
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5.5 System Update completed.
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