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Report to the Archon is a small report that The Sunguard utilizes IC to give a summary of roll20 events and other storyline-related happenings. This will give people who are not able to make it to events a chance to understand what happened, through the eyes of the characters present, and allow those willing to take time to share a chance to earn some small system rewards. Those who submit reports will earn an additional 2x Fortified Essences, on top of whatever was earned in the event itself.

The report will will only need to simply state the date of the event, what transpired, who was involved, and the outcome.

Please post all Reports to the Journals section of the website, however you are also free to cross-post to other social media!

Standard Military Form

Title/Mission Title:


Involved Enemy Parties: (This will include the kind of enemies faced off against)
Involved Friendly Parties: (For other Sunguard members and auxilaries)

Content body of the report:

Special details/concerns: (Anything noteworthy you would like officers to know about)

A special thanks to Aimee / Thanidiel for sharing the DotS version of these reports, without her it might not have been as succinct!

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