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Duskward Sanarissa Firewing | Art by Ammatice


Character Stats: Combatant +3, Guardian +3
  • +3 mod damage to all attacks and class abilities
  • Resourceful [Passive]: Grants an additional use to every class ability.
  • +15 HP
  • Taunt: Guardians may now taunt targets by rolling 1d20. A 8+ is considered to be a successful taunt. Some bosses/creatures cannot be taunted. Range: 10ft
  • Resolute [Passive]: You may attempt to reroll any failed rolls that may impair your character from action.

Race: Sin’dorei
Arcanic Affinity: You have a +4 to Arcane based challenge checks. Negated by Weakness to Arcane.
Beautiful: Increases your character’s charms rolls by +2.

Background: Scholar
Alert: Increases your character’s perception rolls by +15.
Mystical: Your character has a +4 to all Knowledge challenge checks.

Flight: Allows your character to cross over gaps and dangerous terrain without a physical challenge roll.
Night Vision: Whenever your character is in an encounter where fog of war is present, their vision is increased by +2 and they gain +10 to perception.
Swift: Increases your character’s walk and sprint by +5ft.

Companion: (Thinariel Farmight) Choose another player, when they are present, your character gains a +2 to all challenge rolls while they are on the map. (Does not work on pets)
Manipulator: Replaces plead with Lie. Lies have a -4 threshold to social challenge checks, but the target lied to may attempt to roll perception to determine if they can see through the lie. A 70+ is required to detect the lie. If detected, the liar takes 2 DP damage.
Raconteur: Increases your character’s persuasion rolls by +2.


Demonic: Your character may negate all campaign wound penalties by rolling 1d3, where a 1 is considered successful.
Fel Tainted: Your character has a +4 to fel based challenge checks.
Inventive: Decreases the threshold of all challenge checks by -2.
Lay of the Land: Increases your character’s perception rolls by +10. Allows them to reroll a perception roll once per event. They will keep the second of the two rolls.
Touched By Shadow: Your character has a +4 to all shadow based challenge checks.
Versatile: Your character may choose one ability from another base class, replacing one of your normal class abilities.


Frail I: Your character has a +4 to wounds and suffers an +1 to wound duration.

Crass I: Your character have a -4 to etiquette challenge checks.
Greedy II: Your character has a +15 to their loot rolls, but if they do not win, they will take "Heavy Wounds" as they are stricken with envy. Does not stack with regular wounds. The heavy wounds are not actual wounds but your character will gain the mechanical debuff. You cannot give loot earned in events to other players.
Mean I: Your character's plead and persuasion attempts have a +4 to their threshold.
Wanton II: If an opponent rolls a successful charm or seduction roll, it deals double the DP damage during diplomacy. In combat, it stuns your character for a turn.

Reckless I: (Negates Disciplined) Whenever your character fails a CC check they take an additional 1d10+5 damage
Violent I: Whenever your character enters a situation that becomes overly tedious, they must roll a violence check of 1d4. If they roll a 4, they will then violently attack someone present.

Addict I: At the start of each turn, your character must attempt to manage the side effects of withdraw. Roll 1d3 to attempt manage the symptoms, if your characters rolls a 3, they take 1d20 damage.
Traumatized I: Whenever your character is less than 50% HP, they must pass a fear CC check of 1d20>12 to prevent them from being feared for one turn.
Weakness to Arcane II: (Negates Arcane Affinity) Your character cannot pass an arcane based challenge check.
Weakness to Light II: Your character cannot pass a light based challenge check.
Weakness to Nature II: (Negates Nature's Gift) Your character cannot pass nature based challenge checks.

Achille’s Heel II: Your character has a -2 to their dueling defense dice.
Lumbering I: (Negates Agile) Your character has a -20 to dueling initiative rolls.

HP: 70 | Damage Roll: 1d30+7: crit on 22+ (+5) | Healing Roll: 1d30+4: crit on 22+ (+5)

Diplomatic Roll:
Charm: 1d30+2>18
Seduce, Intimidation: 1d30+2>18
Persuasion: 1d30+2>22
Plead: 1d30>22
Lie: 1d30>14

Movement and Range:
Walk: 35 ft
Sprint: 55 ft
Range: 35 ft

Damage Spell:
D: 1d25+2: crit on 18-25 +5
Range: 35 ft
Channeled Offensive Spell: A player may choose to channel a turn instead of casting a basic Offensive Spell or increasing the number of dice rolled for that basic Offensive Spell by +1. Channeled Offensive Spells deal full damage to fortified.
Range: Self
Action Type: Minor

Healing Spell:
H: 1d25+2: crit on 18-25 +5
Range: 35 ft
Channeled Healing Spell: A player may choose to channel a turn instead of casting a basic Healing Spell increasing the number of dice rolled for that basic Healing Spell by +1. Channeled basic Healing Spells give the healed target 50% of the amount healed as a shield up to 30hp.
Range: Self
Action Type: Minor

Spell-Barrier[1]: Add a spell barrier to self that absorbs 15hp damage. Spell-Barrier lasts until it is broken.
Range: Self
Action Type: Instant

Class: Warlock

Active Prestige Class: Ascendant
Bonus: +5 max and +2 mod. Increases Intimidation and Seduction rolls by +2.

Inactive Prestige Class: Felmancer
Bonus: +5 max and +2 mod. Increases crit by +5.

Class Abilities:
Rain of Fire[2]: The warlock brings down a firestorm of flaming rock and ruin. Using a large explosion template, deal 1d66+6 damage to all enemy targets within it.
Action Type: Major
Range: 35 ft

Life Siphon[3]: The warlock drains their enemy of precious vitality restoring themselves. The warlock drains an enemy target of 3d8+8 and heals themselves for damage dealt. If the Warlock is at full HP, it will add a shield for the damage dealt, up to 30HP.
Action Type: Major
Range: 35ft

Stealth[Passive]: (Versatile) All rogues start stealthed at the beginning of a battle. They deal an additional +5 mod on attacks against a target when coming out of stealth. They may attempt to restealth at the end of their turn by rolling 1d3. A roll of 1 is considered successful.
Action Type: Passive
Range: Self

Possession [1]: The Ascendant is one who has calculated the exact means necessary to exert their will over their enemy, though it demands such strain that should only be used in the most dire of circumstances.The Ascendent will control the mind of a non-boss enemy unit and that target will move and act on the Ascendent’s turn. Each turn the Ascendent must roll 1d20>8 to maintain control of the enemy target. Should they fail the challenge roll to maintain control, the target will die.
Action Type: Major
Range: 35ft

Shadow Orbs [Passive]: The Ascendant manifests the power of the void into shadow orbs. They must roll 1d3 every turn to determine how many orbs are available to use. Then, based upon the amount of orbs summoned will determine how many times the Ascendant can use their regular attack or heal on their chosen target.
Action Type: Passive
Range: Self

[Fatewoven Ward] - Mystical Armor
[+5 to HP]
[Begin Combat with a 10hp shield]
[+2 to Avoiding CC attempts]

Alchemist Bag:

Soldier Pack:

Veteran Traits:
Phoenix Knight: Grants one additional Stat Point.


6x [Mystical Essence]
0x [Heroic Essence]
6x [Fortified Essence]



Rank: Duskward

Subunit: Suncaster

Troop Choice: Suncaster Demonologist

Troop Abilities:
Imp Swarm[2]:
Suncaster Demonologists summon a horde of imps to the battlefield that deal 5d5+5 damage and have 30hp. They move and attack at the same range/distance as the Suncaster Demonologist.
Action Type: Minor

Summon Infernal[1]:
Cost: 2 Commander Points
Bonus: Suncasters Demonologist summons an infernal to the field to stun a target and deal 5d10+10 damage to them at a range. The Infernal has 100hp and deals 2d30+10 damage in melee. They have the same movement distance as the Suncaster Demonologist. Infernals cannot be healed. This is a minor action.

Master Arcanist
Cost: 1 Commander Point
Bonus: +5 max and mod damage. Grants the Channel ability, allowing players to channel, giving their next attack gain an additional die.
“Those who have studied all their lives in the ways of magic have mastered its secrets allowing them to unlock their hidden potential.”

Commander Points: 3

Troop Total: 85 HP | Damage Roll: 1d35+15

Troop Movement and Range:
Range: 35ft
March: 45ft
Forced March: 60ft
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Change Log:

- Initiate -> Emberward
- +3 [Fortified Essence] - Arcan'dor Storyline, Chaos Shrine

- 5.4 System Update

- +6 [Fortified Essence] - Arcan'dor Storyline, Order Shrine (4 - Event, 2 - Report)

- +2 [Fortified Essence] - Emberlight Wargames (2 - Event)

- +4 [Fortified Essence] - Mistybrook (2 - Event, 2 - Report)

- Gained Felmancer Prestige Class (Story)

- 5.5 System Update

- Emberward -> Lightward

- +4 [Fortified Essences] - Battle of the Beard

- +5 [Fortified Essences] - Siege of Sunsail Anchorage

- Mystical Item: [Fatewoven Ward] added (Gifted by Thinariel)
- -10 Renown - Melori Accepted as Agent for Phoenix Wars

1/13 - 1/19
- +7 Renown - Flames of War
- +21 [Fortified Essences] - Flames of War

- -3 [Mystical Essences] - Mystical Weapon for Melori

- +2 [Fortified Essences] - Cult of Belore: Falconwing Square
- -2 Renown - Zaerise Prestige Class

- +8 [Fortified Essences] - Battle of Amani Fields

- -3 [Mystical Essences] - Mystical Weapon for Zaerise

- +1 [Fortified Essences] - No Mercy for Traitors

- +4 [Fortified Essences] - Cult of Belore: Cleaning

- +8 [Fortified Essences] - Battle of Darkwood: Part 2

- -2 Renown
- Gained Ascendant Prestige Class (Story)
- Felmancer moved to Secondary Prestige Class

- -4 Renown - Alarion and Melori Prestige Class

- +4 [Fortified Essences] - Battle of the Sunwell, Part 1

- +7 [Fortified Essences] - Battle of the Sunwell, Part 2

6/2 - 6/8
- +14 Renown - Flames of War
- +22 [Fortified Essences] - Flames of War

- +1 Renown
- Lightward -> Duskward
- + [Veteran Trait] Phoenix Knight: Grants one additional Stat Point.

- + 3 [Fortified Essences] - Battle for Silvermoon, Part 3

- +3 [Mystical Essences] - Tournament of Ages (Event Sign-up)
- +7 Renown - Tournament of Ages (participation)
- +14 [Fortified Essences] - Tournament of Ages (participation)
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5.5 System Update completed.
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Updated for 5.6, part 1.
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Updated for 5.7.
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