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Lightward Sanarissa Firewing | Art by Nocturyn


Character Stats: Combatant +3, Politician +2
  • +3 mod damage to all attacks and class abilities
  • Resourceful [Passive]: Grants an additional use to every class ability.
  • +2 mod on all diplomatic rolls

Race: Sin’dorei
Arcanic Affinity: You have a +4 to Arcane based challenge checks. Negated by Weakness to Arcane.
Beautiful: Increases your character’s charms rolls by +2.

Background: Scholar
Alert: Increases your character’s perception rolls by +15.
Mystical: Your character has a +4 to all Knowledge challenge checks.

Swift: (Taken with Negation of Arcanic Affinity) Increases your character’s walk and sprint by +5ft.

Cunning: (Free) Whenever your character is successful in a social challenge roll, roll an additional 1d3 to see if it removes an additional DP from the target. A roll of 1 is considered to be a success.
Manipulator: Replaces plead with Lie. Lies have a -4 threshold to social challenge checks, but the target lied to may attempt to roll perception to determine if they can see through the lie. A 70+ is required to detect the lie. If detected, the liar takes 2 DP damage.
Raconteur: Increases your character’s persuasion rolls by +2.

Born Leader: While your character is alive, players within 10ft of your character have -2 threshold for CC checks. (Does not affect self)

Fel Tainted: Your character has a +4 to fel based challenge checks.
Touched By Shadow: Your character has a +4 to all shadow based challenge checks.
Versatile: Your character may choose one ability from another base class, replacing one of your normal class abilities.


Frail I: Your character has a +4 to wounds and suffers an +1 to wound duration.

Petty II: When a character within 15ft of your character successfully passes a challenge check, you must attempt to roll the same challenge check. If you do not roll equal to or higher than the other player, you are stunned for a turn and you must roll for wounds to your pride.
Wanton II: If an opponent rolls a successful charm or seduction roll, it deals double the DP damage during diplomacy. In combat, it stuns your character for a turn.

Violent I: Whenever your character enters a situation that becomes overly tedious, they must roll a violence check of 1d4. If they roll a 4, they will then violently attack someone present.

Addict I: At the start of each turn, your character must attempt to manage the side effects of withdraw. Roll 1d3 to attempt manage the symptoms, if your characters rolls a 3, they take 1d20 damage.
Traumatized I: Whenever your character is less than 50% HP, they must pass a fear CC check of 1d20>12 to prevent them from being feared for one turn.
Weakness to Arcane II: (Negates Arcane Affinity) Your character cannot pass an arcane based challenge check.
Weakness to Light II: Your character cannot pass a light based challenge check.


HP: 40 | Damage Rolls: Spell 1d30+7: crit on 22+ (+8), Staff 1d22+3: crit on 16+ (+3)

Diplomatic Roll:
Persuasion, Charm: 1d30+4>18
Lie: 1d30+2>14
Seduce, Intimidation, Plead: 1d30+2>18

Movement and Range:
Walk: 35 ft
Sprint: 55 ft
Range: 35 ft

Spell-One Hand:
D: 1d25+2: crit on 18-25 +5
Range: Base Class
Channeling: A player may choose to channel a turn instead of casting an Offensive Spell or magical class ability, increasing the number of dice rolled for that ability by +1. Channeled Offensive Spells deal full damage to fortified.
Range: Self

Spell-Barrier[1]: Add a spell barrier to self that absorbs 15hp damage. Spell-Barrier lasts until it is broken. Can be used as an instant.
Range: Self

Staves: D: 1d22+3: crit on 16-22+3
Range: 5ft
Leg Sweep[3]: Minor Action(can also be used with other minor actions on a given turn). When used, the player may attempt to stun an enemy, non-boss, target by rolling 1d20>12. A 12+ is considered to be successful. Stunned enemies cannot walk or attack for a turn.

Class: Warlock

Prestige Class: Felmancer
Bonus: -15hp. +5 max and +2 mod damage. Increases crit damage by +3.

Class Abilities:
Rain of Fire[2]: The warlock brings down a firestorm of flaming rock and ruin. Using a large explosion template, deal 1d66+6 damage to all enemy targets within it.
Range: 35 ft

Life Siphon[3]: The warlock drains their enemy of precious vitality restoring themselves. The warlock drains an enemy target of 3d8+8 and heals themselves for damage dealt. If the Warlock is at full HP, it will add a shield for the damage dealt, up to 30HP.
Range: 35ft

Arcanic Leap[2]: (Versatile) The mage blinks through time and space up to 10ft to evade danger or advance in battle. May be used as an instant.
Range: 10ft

Annihilate[2]: Deals 3d15+5 damage to the Felmancer but deal 5d15+15 damage to the target. If the target dies then the self damage to the Felmancer is negated. The Felmancer cannot be defeated by the self damage.
Range: 35ft

Demonstorm[1]: The Felmancer summons a storm of felfire to incinerate a target. Attack a target for 3d15+5 damage. If the roll lands on 30 or higher then deal an additional 1d10 damage for the next two turns.
Range: 35ft

[Fatewoven Ward] - Mystical Armor
[+5 to HP]
[Begin Combat with a 10hp shield]
[Archmage’s Blessing: When taking melee damage, roll 1d5 if you roll a 1, then your character will blink behind the enemy target and dodge the assault]

Alchemist Bag:

Soldier Pack:

Veteran Traits: N/A


0x [Mystical Essence]
0x [Heroic Essence]
1x [Fortified Essence]



Rank: Lightward

Subunit: Suncaster

Troop Choice: Suncaster Demonologist

Troop Abilities:
Imp Swarm[2]:
Suncaster Demonologists summon a horde of imps to the battlefield that deal 5d5+5 damage and have 30hp. They move and attack at the same range/distance as the Suncaster Demonologist. This is a minor action.

Summon Infernal[1]:
Cost: 2 Commander Points
Bonus: Suncasters Demonologist summons an infernal to the field to stun a target and deal 5d10+10 damage to them at a range. The Infernal has 100hp and deals 2d30+10 damage in melee. They have the same movement distance as the Suncaster Demonologist. Infernals cannot be healed. This is a minor action.

Battle-Mage Conditioning[Passive]
Cost: 1 Commander Point
Bonus: Whenever taking melee damage the player may roll a 1d10 to avoid the damage by blinking. A +5 is a successful dodge.
“Have you tried to fight a battle mage? You might as well be swinging a sword at a gnat in the dark.” -Spellbreaker Lewin

Commander Points: 3

Troop Total: 80 HP | Damage Roll: 1d30+10

Troop Movement and Range:
Range: 35ft
March: 45ft
Forced March: 60ft
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Change Log:

- Initiate -> Emberward
- +3 [Fortified Essence] - Arcan'dor Storyline, Chaos Shrine

- 5.4 System Update

- +6 [Fortified Essence] - Arcan'dor Storyline, Order Shrine (4 - Event, 2 - Report)

- +2 [Fortified Essence] - Emberlight Wargames (2 - Event)

- +4 [Fortified Essence] - Mistybrook (2 - Event, 2 - Report)

- Gained Felmancer Prestige Class (Story)

- 5.5 System Update

- Emberward -> Lightward

- +4 [Fortified Essences] - Battle of the Beard

- +5 [Fortified Essences] - Siege of Sunsail Anchorage

- Mystical Item: [Fatewoven Ward] added (Gifted by Thinariel)
- -10 Renown - Melori Accepted as Agent for Phoenix Wars

1/13 - 1/19
- +7 Renown - Flames of War
- +21 [Fortified Essences] - Flames of War

- -3 [Mystical Essences] - Mystical Weapon for Melori

- +2 [Fortified Essences] - Cult of Belore: Falconwing Square
- -2 Renown - Zaerise Prestige Class

- +8 [Fortified Essences] - Battle of Amani Fields

- -3 [Mystical Essences] - Mystical Weapon for Zaerise
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5.5 System Update completed.
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Updated for 5.6, part 1.
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