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Hero Mode

HP: 50 Damage:

Role: Damage +2 Mod damage to all rolls.

Snipe[1]: The hunter uses a steadied and deadly shot to slay an enemy. Deal 2d15+5 damage to a single target. Damage is doubled if the target is CC’d. Range 40ft

Volley[2]: The hunter fires a series of shots that deal damage to all enemies within a small explosion template area. Deals 5d5+5 to all targets, damage is split evenly between them.
Range: 40ft

Eagle Eye[1]: The hunter focuses on their elite shooting abilities to strike a target in the right spots. For the next two turns. Auto attacks are guaranteed to crit despite the number rolled.
Range: Self

Commander Mode

Troops: Pathfinder Rangers
Well trained and well suited for battle, the Pathfinder Rangers are expert marksmen. Armored with light mail and leather, these seasoned rangers are deadly both at a range and close. Often outfitted with yew longbows and short sabers, these men and women hail from their long Farstrider heritage.
Damage: 1d30+10

Fire Arrows[2]:
Damage: 1d35+10
Pathfinder Rangers are able to ignite their arrows to deal sustained damage to opponents. A roll of 1d2 will determine if the Rangers ignited their enemy. A roll of 1= success. Fire Arrows are also able to catch objectives on fire when available.

Bodkin Arrows[2]:
Damage: 1d35+10
Pathfinder Rangers are able to use arrows designed to penetrate heavy armor should the need arise. Bodkin arrows deal full damage to fortified units.

Troop Movement:

Range - 30
March - 25
Forced March - 40

Troop Allotment: 50
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