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Commander Mode:

80 HP | 1d50+20

D = 1d50+15, H = 1d25+10

Unit Specifications: Remnants of the Illidari

Troop Choice: Greyheart Broken, upgraded to Ashtongue Assassins

Many tribes of Broken have willingly and unwillingly joined Illidan’s forces in Outland. After the fall of the Black Temple, some of those loyalties remain. The Greyheart Tribe was once allied with the Illidari, and now with the return of the demon hunters, they have joined once more.

Troops’ Abilities:

Ashtongue Assassins are able to enter the battlefield stealthed. Attacking an opponent will allow them to deal an additional +25 max damage and will cause them to unstealth.
At the end of a turn, Ashtongue Assassins may attempt to restealth by rolling 1d3. A roll of 1=success.

Movement and Range:

40 ft March, 60 ft Forced March

Melee Range

Commander Points:

Illidari Master
Cost: 0 Commander Points
Bonus: Removes all troop options for the battle and instead places the Illidari player as a solo unit on the field. They are granted with 80hp, regardless of rank and fight within melee. Their damage is determined by choice of troop options they pick from and the additional benefits of commander point choices they make. In addition, they may choose one of the following at the additional cost of 1 Commander Point.
“We are the chosen, the elite, the immortal.” Dread Commander Asteryn the Blackheart

Ashtongue Assassins
Cost: 1 Commander Point
Bonus: Upgrades the Greyheart Broken into Ashtongue Assassins, decreasing their troop total by 40 but increasing their max damage by 25 and their mod damage by +5. Grants the following abilities:
Akama’s Ashtongue understand the intensity of the threat to come. In the universe’s desperation, they must consider alliances that would have been unspeakable.

Grim Resolution
Cost: 1 Commander Point
Bonus: Whenever another character with Greyheart Broken troop choices die, all characters with this Commander Point gains an additional die to all of their basic attacks/healing.
“We will never be subdued! Our spirit is eternal!” Akama

Hero Mode:

50 HP | 2d10+5 melee crit 7-10, 1d10+5 Thrown Crit 7-10

Character Points:

Velahara has 5 points, distributed like this

5 points in Combatant, giving her an additional use of all of her abilities and +5 to all attacks and abilities.


Thrown Weapon; Range: 20 ft

Weapon Abilities:

Riposte[6]: Whenever attacked in melee, roll a 1d10 for riposte, if you roll a 6+ then you immediately counterattack your opponent for a normal melee roll.

Class: Demon Hunter

Movement Range: 40ft walk/60 ft Sprint

Class Abilities:

Metamorphosis[1+1]: (Minor Action) Unlocking the beast within, the Demon Hunter transforms into a demonic monster for the next two turns. They gain a 15hp shield and a +5 modifier on all basic attacks and abilities.
Range: Self

Chaos Blades[1+1]: Channeling their demonic magics into their weapons, the Demon Hunter unleashes powerful sweeping attacks on their enemies for the next two turns. All basic attacks now strike everything within a cone template. May be used as an instant.
Range: Self

Dark Flight[1+1]: Using demonic speed and shadowy magic, the Demon Hunter immediately closes in on its prey. The Demon Hunter may teleport themselves to any visible enemy unit on the map dealing 1d15+10 damage in the attack.
Range: Unlimited

Race: Sin'Dorei

Arcanic Affinity - You have a +4 to Arcane based challenge checks.

Beautiful - Increases your character’s charm rolls by +2.

Background: Commoner

Charming - Whenever your character attempt a social roll against another, they gain a -2 threshold if they are not a noble.

Swagger - Increases your character’s seduction rolls by +2.


Free Virtue - Your character may negate all campaign wound penalties by rolling 1d3, where a 1 is considered successful.

Fel Tainted - Your character has a +4 to fel based challenge checks.

Touched by Shadow - Your character has a +4 to all shadow based challenge checks.

Flight - Allows your character to cross over gaps and dangerous terrain without a physical challenge roll.

Swift - Increases your character’s walk and sprint by +5ft.

Alert (Free from losing Beautiful) - Increases your character’s perception rolls by +15.

Inventive (Free from losing Arcanic Affinity) - Decreases the threshold of all challenge checks by -2.


Plain I - (Negates Beautiful) Your character has a -3 to charm and seduction social challenge rolls.

Mean I - Your character's plead and persuasion attempts have a +4 to their threshold.

Weakness to Arcane II - (Negates Arcane Affinity) Your character cannot pass arcane based challenge checks.

Weakness to Nature II - (Negates Nature's Gift) Your character cannot pass nature based challenge checks.

Weakness to Light II - (Negates Light Kissed) Your character cannot pass a light based challenge check.


No Items are carried by Velaserus at this time. She does have 3 Fortified Essences.


Oil of the Demonic Slayer [2]:
Increases +2 mod damage/healing to all basic attacks/healings and class abilities against demonic enemies. Costs: 250g

Flashing Star:
Can be thrown to deal 5d5+5 damage to all targets in a small explosion template. Also causes a bright flash forcing non-boss targets to roll 1d20>11 to prevent from being stunned. Costs: 250g

Darling’s Grace:
Can be thrown to heal 5d5+5 to all targets within a small explosion template. Also applies a Grace buff healing 1d5 for the next two turns. (Use a single dot roll to determine damage on all targets impacted.) Costs: 250g

Veteran Traits:

Velahara has no Veteran Traits.
Not all those who wander are lost.
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Not all those who wander are lost.
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