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Muroco Rockhoof
Grimtotem Exile

An unusual member of the Sunspears, Muroco "Rockhoof" Grimtotem has lived a varied life. He first served as a Brave for the Grimtotem Tribe before being exiled. He worked as a guide, mercenary, and bodyguard for various individuals before joining the Horde as a border scout, before finally joining the Sunguard as a front-line soldier. What Muroco may lack in etiquette and academics, he makes up for in brutal instinct, cunning and combat prowess.


85 | 1d10: crit on 7-10+2

Guardian [5]
+25 HP in Hero Mode
Taunt: You may now taunt targets by rolling 1d20. An 8+ is considered to be a successful taunt. Some bosses and creatures cannot be taunted. [Range: 10 ft.]

Race: Tauren
Brave - Decreases the required threshold to pass a fear CC check by -2.
Survivor - Decreases your character’s wound rolls by -2

Background: Soldier
Disciplined - Whenever your character successfully resists a CC check, they gain 1d15+5 HP
Endurance - Whenever your character’s wound roll lands on 'no wound' you may return to battle with 1hp. (Only one success per event)

Armored (physical: free) - Decreases your character’s wound rolls by -2.

Battleborn - While engaged in combat, your character gain +8 to physical challenge checks.

Athletic - Allows your character to reroll a failed sprint check. (Only one success per event)

Massive - Your character has +5ft range to your melee attacks.

Protector - Your character no longer has their movement hindered when carrying another player in a battlefield.

Destitute (TIER I) - Your character only receive 50% of essences earned from an event. (Does not include overtime essences)

Illiterate (TIER I) - (Negates Learned) Your character has a -4 to knowledge challenge checks.

Crass (TIER II) - Your character cannot successfully pass an etiquette challenge check.

Pariah (TIER II) - Whenever your character attempts to perform a social challenge check, they will have a +4 to their threshold if the character is the same race as they are and they take double the DP damage to social options against them.


One-handed axe: 1d10: crit on 7-10+2
Riposte[3]: Instant. When used, the player may roll 1d10>6 to attempt to counter attack a melee attack with the weapon where riposte is applied.

Guardian[1]: Target player takes half damage until their next turn. May be cast on self. May be used as an instant.

Class: Warrior

Movement: 30ft Walk / 50ft Sprint

Class Abilities:

Threatening Shout[1]: The warrior challenges nearby foes to engage them in battle. The warrior may target up to three enemy targets within 15ft to taunt them. They do not need to roll for a taunting check.
Range: 15ft

Seismic Slam[2]: The warrior strikes the ground in front of them sending a powerful shockwave to all foes before them. The warrior deals 3d15+9 damage to all enemy units in a straight line for 15ft.
Range: 15ft

Furious Charge[2]: The warrior bursts in speed towards an enemy target. The warrior may charge an enemy opponent within 15ft dealing 1d20 damage to them. The player may also attempt to stun a non-boss enemy unit by roll 1d2, where a 1 is considered successful. May be used in addition to normal movement during their turn.
Range: 15ft

Prestige class: Dreadnaught

Prestige abilities:
Dread Slash[2]: Deals 3d10+10 damage to a target. Damage is doubled on targets that are CC’d.
Range: Melee

Runic Replenishment[1]: When leading the battle, the Dreadnaught may choose to restore their fallen soldiers. In order to determine number of soldiers reinvigorated, roll 1dx where x equals the amount of fallen soldiers within their unit.


Mammoth [Mystical Shield]

[+5 to HP]
[+2 to Avoiding CC attempts]
[-1 to Wound rolls]

[Fortified Essence] x 4
[Heroic Essence] x 1
[Mystical Essence] x 0

Veteran Traits:
+5 Health (From completing Legionfall Finale)


100 | 1d40+15 | Melee

Subunit: Sunspear Battalion

Rank: Dawnward

Troop choice: Dreadnaughts

Ebon Blade Training[Passive]
Cost: 1 Commander Point
Bonus: When a Dreadnaught strikes a target they attempt to freeze their target. Rolling 1d2, a 1=success the Dreadnaught will cast Chains of Ice on the target. This cast does not consume a charge.
“Death Knights excel in pinning their enemies down. It makes it much easier to harvest their souls.”

Cost: 2 Commander Points
Bonus: When defeating a target, the Dreadnaught may roll 1d3 to heal itself for damage dealt in that turn. 1=success.
“Some soldiers find a disturbing comfort in gore. It is as if they become drunk from it.”

Icebound Resilience[1]
Cost: 2 Commander Points
Bonus: For a single turn the unit of Dreadnaughts or their chosen target are impervious to damage. They cannot move for an entire turn however.
“The cold shall be your shield for the living cannot stand against it.” -Dreadnaught Coldbringer

March 40ft - Forched March 60ft
Renown Points: 26
Renown points earned from campaigns: 6 (1 from Edge of Night, 5 from Legionfall)
Renown points earned from rank: 5 (2 from Emberward, 1 from Lightward, 1 from Duskward, 1 from Dawnward)
Renown points earned from Dragon Company: 15 (6 from 3/3 events for Blood Maul, 2 from Shadows of Ashenvale, 7 from Siege of Tirisfal)
Renown points spent: 2
Remaining points: 24

(10/17/16) - Updated for relevancy's sake.
(1/4/17) - Update inventory.
(1/23/17) - Updated inventory
(3/20/17) - Change in stats allowed. Muroco is now a +5 Guardian with 75 HP instead of a +3 Guardian, +2 Combatant with 65 HP and a bonus +2 to his modifier.
(3/26/17) - Update inventory
(3/30/17) - Updated inventory
(4/9/17) - Updated inventory
(4/16/17) - Updated inventory
(6/5/17) - Updated skills
(8/17/17) - Updated inventory
(10/15/17) - Protector virtue awarded.
(12/3/17) - Updated inventory
(12/7/17) - Updated inventory
(12/11/17) - Updated inventory
(12/12/17) - Mammoth added
(12/19/17) - Updated inventory
(9/8/18) - Updated character sheet, renown points
(02/4/19) - Updated inventory
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12/1/16 - Updated to show stats.
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6/5/17 - Updated character's skills.
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9/18 - added Dreadnaught prestige class and troop type to sheet. (Story approved on 8/28/17).
11/19/17 - changed weapon class, updated current rank.
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12/12/17 - 3 mystical essences spent to craft Mammoth.
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(9/8/18) - Updated character sheet to reflect new template, tallied aggregated renown points earned.
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