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Tao Chen Jadeleaf

Updated: 12/03/2017
Comander Mode:

100HP | D 1d15 || H 1d50+20



Oathsworn Cleric
The Sin’dorei are extremely adept in everything they do and healing is not an exception. As the Holy Light entered Quel’Thalas, many former priests and priestesses flocked to its teaching in an attempt to heal their broken homes. Mastering the Light, they have become a bastion for righteousness.

Tao Chen was a participant in Act IV, and has such earned a free commander point to use in addition to her normal allotment.

Anatomical Training[Passive]:
Cost: 1 Commander Point
Bonus: Increases max and mod healing by +5. Oathsworn Clerics can reduce a wound roll by 3. This can be used as an instant.
“Dawnmenders know all the various parts of their anatomy and even some of others.”

Sunreaver Vestments
Cost: 2 Commander Points
Bonus: Increase troop total by +15 and max and mod healing by 10.
“If the Sunreavers learned anything while being in the frozen north, it was that the normal attires in Eversong would make them freeze to death.”

Hero mode

50 HP | D:2d8+3: crit on 6-8, +2
H:1d19+6: crit on 15-19 +5

Diplomatic Roll: 1d30

Character Stats: 3 Combatant, 2 Support

Race: Pandaren

Background: Scholar


Dextrous - Your character has a +2 to physical challenge checks.

Mystical - Your character has a +4 to all knowledge challenge checks.

Learned - Allows your character to reroll any failed knowledge challenge checks. (Only one success per event)

Expert - Your character may choose to reroll any ability used in combat. They will keep the second of the two rolls. (Can only be used once per event)

Disciplined - Whenever your character successfully resists a CC check, they gain 1d15+5 HP.

Nature's Gift - Your character has a +4 to nature based challenge checks.

Rejuvenation - Decreases your character’s wound duration by -1 week.


Plain 1 - (Negates Beautiful) Your character has a -3 to charm and seduction social challenge rolls.

Arrogant 1 - Whenever your character attempts a social challenge against another character, they will have a +4 to the threshold if that character does not have the same background as your character.

Weakness to Fel 2 - (Negates Fel Tainted) Your character cannot pass fel based challenge checks.

Equipment: 2 Fist Weapons, Healing Spell

Spell-weaving: Whenever you crit on a heal, you may choose another target and heal them for half of your total healing done.
Resourceful [Passive]: Grants an additional use to every class ability.
Blade Dance[6]: Minor Action(can also be used with other minor actions on a given turn). When used, the player may deal half the damage dealt by their basic attack to an adjacent target within 5ft. (Taken Twice)

Class: Monk

Movement and Range: 35ft/55ft, Range 30 ft

Class Skills:

Inner Calm[2]: The monk reaches a point of inner peace mid battle. Remove all CC effects off of your character and give your character a 15hp chi shield. Can be used as an instant.

Mist Storm[2]: Channeling their mistweaving powers, the monk spins about giving those around them a refreshing breeze. Heal adjacent targets within 15ft for 3d8+8.
Range: 15ft

Chi Blast[3]: The monk launches out a powerful blast of materialized chi. Either damage an enemy target or heal a friendly target for 3d10+8. In the event that your roll totals 25 or more, the ability is instantly recharged for another use. This recharge can only happen once per event.

Type: Support
Classes: Druids, Monks, Priests, Shamans

Healing magic has always been sacred to the Light, but of late, more ways of mending have come to the elves in the form of the monks. With their addition, many elves have learned new ways to shape their magics, with precision and anatomical savvy lending to excelled healing and greater control of mana reserves. These Life-Speakers individuals are the scholars, the field medics, choosing the practical side of the Light and the Celestials Blessings over the dogma and ceremony.

Bonus: +4 max and +2 mod. Increase Plead and Persuasion rolls by +2. Increased Perception and Initiative rolls by +15.

Bonus Skills:
Dynamic Blessing[1]: The Life-Speaker focuses a desperate prayer to heal wounded allies allowing them to gain two additional die to basic healing or healing abilities for the next two turns.
Action Type: Minor
Range: 30ft

Wild Regeneration[2]: The Life-Speaker calls upon the power of nature to boost their ability to heal. Roll 5d2. Gain the total of this roll as mod healing to all spells for the next three rounds.
Action Type: Minor
Range: 30ft

Potions: Splint, Healing Potion x2
Not all those who wander are lost.
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Updated 12/03/2017
Not all those who wander are lost.
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Not all those who wander are lost.
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