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Out Of Character Information

The Sunguard is a premier roleplaying community founded on Moon Guard dating back to October 2009. The guild’s longevity is due to its emphasis on creative writing, immersive story, and a wonderful community of players. As a member of the guild, you agree to uphold the following tenants to ensure that our members continue to have a fun and safe environment to share our pastime.

A google doc of the rules may be found here:

1. Guild chat is a shared space with people from many different backgrounds and the following topics should not be discussed in a derogatory way in any guild sponsored channel: Ethnicity, Religion, Nationality, and Sexuality.
  • Guild chat should also refrain from topics that include politics or other highly sensitive topics.
  • The use of racial, sexual, or hateful slurs will result in immediate expulsion from the guild.

2. Conflicts between guild members must be handled in a medium other than guild sponsored channels including: guild chat, guild forums, guild tumblr, guild discord, etc.
  • Members must take conflicts to a private channel when ordered by an officer.
  • If an issue should arise where officer mediation is required between individuals, both members must consent to mediation.
  • Officers should only be informed of personal conflicts as it pertains to the guild or in direct violation of any rule listed here.

3. When interacting with other guilds or other members on public chats in game, on realm forums, or forums related to Blizzard, our members must show maturity and respect at all times.

4. Griefing, the intentional disruption of another's roleplay, is strictly prohibited.

5. Trolling in any form will not be tolerated.

6. Harassment(physical, sexual, emotional), shall not be tolerated in any form.
  • Members found harassing others will result in immediate expulsion from the guild.
  • When reporting harassment, a player must immediately come to an officer with the following information:
  • Chat Log(s) of the conversation where the harassment had taken place.
  • If taken place in voice chat, please be prepared to describe the comments that were made as well as the tone they were said.
  • If there are witnesses please ask them to also validate said comments.
  • Indication that you have informed the player that such behavior has made you uncomfortable.
  • Officers will then immediately convene to review evidence of harassment and make a swift decision.

7. Under no circumstance should a member of the guild attempt to garner real life information on another member without their consent, i.e Doxxing, stalking. Doing so will result in immediate expulsion from the guild.

8. Characters must remain active. Characters not logged into after 90 days will be removed.

9. Members who leave or are removed from the guild, may reapply a second time (dependant on the reason for their removal). Should they leave a second time or are removed a second time, then they cannot rejoin the Sunguard.
  • All applications are subject to officer approval.
  • Members may be rejected at time of application based on previous membership in the guild.
  • Members who are removed in the initiate phase may not re-apply.
  • When a main character leaves the guild or is removed, all of their alts will be removed from the guild by an officer.
  • Characters may choose to ‘main’ on a different character by contacting an officer.

10. Members are discouraged from behavior know as ‘rage quitting’ or leaving the guild/guild discord in a moment of anger. Re-invitation must be approved by an officer.

11. Members of the guild are required to roleplay in a way befitting of the guild’s expectation of quality:
  • OOC comments in /say or /emote should be limited.
  • Proper grammar and effort put into role playing posts and roleplaying profiles.
  • Overtly sexual themes or sexual graphic character desriptions in profiles should be discouraged.
  • This could include ERP(+18) subprofiles.
  • Links to fetish based websites such as darknest or f-list should not be listed in public roleplay profiles.
  • Erotic Roleplay (ERP) should be done in private channels such as party.
  • Not safe for work (NSFW) conversation should take place in designated channels.

Initiate Membership:
The Sunguard uses an trial membership for new members designed to last 30-60 days depending on activity before the member is given the full rank of Emberward. This rank also lets the leadership of the guild make judgements to see if a member is a good fit to be given full membership to the class.

Requirements for a member to graduate from the Initiate rank are:

1. One month of guild membership, the date the player joins the guild is added in their officer note.

2. Creation of a character sheet

3. Guides to character sheet creation can be found: Here (Template), Here (Hero Mode), and Here (Commander Mode).

4. The member must attend at least one roll20 event, events can be found almost weekly in the guild.
  • Guild meetings/Subunit meetings do not count towards this requirement.
  • Alts of Initiates may be added to the guild, but are considered to not be an IC part of the guild until the member’s main character has been promoted to Emberward.

5. Fill out an application for the Sunguard Oath located here:

Should a member meet the listed items listed above, they may take the oath from an officer of your subunit! For non-sin'dorei characters, they will be given a contract of service very similar to the oath.
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In Character Information

By joining the Sunguard, its oathsworn and contracted associates affirm to the following tenants of their oath.

  1. I affirm that I am a citizen of Quel’Thalas or am in her employ and as such shall give my life to protect her people, land, and way of life.
  2. I affirm that I am a person of high integrity and shall uphold the laws of my nation, the Horde, and the Sunguard oath.
  3. I affirm that I have joined the Sunguard willingly and such am willing to live up to its oath until the end of my days.
  4. I affirm that I shall conduct warfare with honor and shall comply with all orders given by my officer.
  5. I affirm that I am willing to take up arms in the name of my nation and her interests and I am willing to give my life for them.

The following infractions shall be considered to be an offense of a lesser degree. They shall result in extra strenuous drilling on the first offense, demotion of a singular rank on the second offense, demotion to the Emberward rank on the third offense.

*If a member is at the rank of Emberward the time they commit the second offense, they will be reduced to an Initiate and forced to complete the initiation process once again. Initiates who commit these offenses on two occurrences shall be removed from the order.

  1. Insubordinate conduct, such as verbal disrespect of an officer or meaningful disobedience of a minor order.
  2. Petty theft.
  3. Drunkness while on duty.
  4. Under the influence of narcotics while on duty.
  5. Failure to report injuries sustained in battle or while on duty.
  6. Failure to report when summoned.

The following infractions shall be considered an offense of a greater degree. They shall result in either corporal punishment up to the commanding officer's discretion, or a demotion of a singular rank on the first offense, demotion to the Emberward rank on the second offense, and expulsion from the order on the third offense.

*If a member is at or beneath the rank of Emberward the time they commit an offense of this caliber, they will be removed from the order.

  1. Assault.
  2. Cruelty/Maltreatment.
  3. Cowardice on the battlefield.
  4. Theft of Sunguard or State property.
  5. Destruction of Sunguard property.
  6. Looting the corpse of a fellow soldier.
  7. Dangerous Recklessness in combat.
  8. Failure to comply with an order given by an officer in combat.

The following infractions shall be considered an offense of the highest degree. They will result in immediate expulsion from the order, or in the event of unlawfulness, the perpetrator shall be remanded into the custody of the Thalassian State.

  1. Sexual Assault.
  2. Treason.
  3. Forgery.
  4. Mutiny or Sedition.
  5. Piracy or Banditry.
  6. Practice of Necromancy.
  7. Murder.
  8. Manslaughter.
  9. Espionage for a foreign nation.
  10. Desertion.

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