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Lady Idriil Dawnveil; Dawnward of the Sunguard

150HP D:4d15+10 Uses cone template on basic attacks

Rank: Dawnward
Subunit: Suncasters

Commands an Arcane Construct

Sentinel’s Vigil[1]:
The construct may activate a powerful magical shield around itself to defend it and near by enemies from powerful ranged blasts. All targets within 20ft take half damage to enemy ranged attacks for a single turn. May be used as an instant.

Commander Points: 4/4

Reinforced Armor Plating
Cost: 2 Commander Points
Bonus: Grants the Fortified trait to the Construct but removes its ability to attack with the cone template.
The armor on these constructs will make them slow, but they’ll function like a moving castle.

Temporal Displacement[1]
Cost: 2 Commander Points
Bonus: Allows the Construct to trade place with any other allied unit on the map. This is a minor action.
“Do not discount these machines are slow and clumbersome, for I will prove you wrong.” Idriil Dawnveil


Hero Mode:
45hp 1d27+7 Crit on 20-27+7 ll 1d17+5 Crit on 12-17+4
Prestige Class: Nethermancer
Increased Perception rolls by +20.
Character Stats: +3 to Combatant, +2 to Diplomat
Resourceful [Passive]: Grants an additional use to every class ability.

Race: Sin’dorei
Background: Noble

  • Arcane Affinity
  • Alchemist (Purchased): Increases your potion slot by +1.
  • Aristocrat: Your character has +4 to Etiquette challenge checks.
  • Beautiful: Increases your character’s charm rolls by +2.
  • Expert: Your character may choose to reroll any ability used in combat. They will keep the second of the two rolls. (Only once per event)
  • Heraldry: Your character is well learned and know the key political players in any court they are in. They may choose to employ this knowledge on a single character during an event. (DM [*]assisted knowledge to allow you to assist the players on the background and personality of a specific NPC)
  • Inventive: Decreases the threshold of all challenge checks by -2.
  • Learned: Allows your character to reroll any failed knowledge challenge checks. (Only one success per event)
  • Touched by Shadow: Your character has +4 to all shadow based challenge checks.

  • Frail I: Your character has a +4 to wound and suffers an +1 to wound duration.
  • Infirm I: Your character has a -10 to both walking and sprinting.
  • Weakness to Arcane II: (Negates Arcane Affinity) Your character cannot pass arcane challenge checks.

Offensive Spells(Spell):
Basic Spell Attacks encompass all normal spells a class can cast. D: 1d20+2: crit on 15-20 +5
Range: Base Class
Channeling: A player may choose to channel a turn instead of casting an offensive spell. Your next offensive spell or ability will double in damage.
Range: Self

Spell-shield(Spell): (Not an actual shield but an ability used by magical casters).
Spell-Barrier[1]: Add a spell barrier to self that absorbs 15hp damage. Spell-Barrier lasts until it is broken. Can be used as an instant.
Range: Self

Swords: D: 1d13+5: crit on 9-13+4
Blade Dance[3]: Minor Action(can also be used with other minor actions on a given turn). When used, the player may deal half the damage dealt by their basic attack to an adjacent target within 5ft.

Items Equipped: None

Alchemist Bag:
Used by spellcasters and healers. Increases healing/offensive spells by +1 mod OR +4 max damage. Cost 250g

Windfury Potion[1]:
Allows a player to have a second action during their turn such as two attacks. Can be used on other players. If used on a player not on their turn, that player will act on the same turn as the user of the potion. Cannot be used as an instant. Adds a Diminishing Return debuff on the target character that lasts for the remainder of the event. Cost: 500g

Revitalization Potion[1]:
Allows the resurrection of a fallen player. The player will roll 1d25+10 to determine their HP after being raised from defeat. Cannot be used as an instant. Fallen players cannot used Revitalization Potions on themselves. Adds a Diminishing Return debuff on the target character that lasts for the remainder of the event. A player can only take a single Revitalization Potion to an event. Cost: 1,000g

Soldier’s Bag:
Dawnmending Bandages[1]:
Used at the end of a battle scene to heal a player for 1d30+5. Can be used on other players/self. Cost: 500g

Sunweavers Splint[1]: (May be used in Commander Mode)
Can be used on a wounded player to reduce their wound severity by a full tier. (Such as reducing heaving wounds to minor wounds). Can be used on other players/self. Cost: 500g

Class Abilities:
Guardian of the Void[Passive]: The Nethermancer is granted a Voidwraith, a guardian that will fight at their side throughout the battle. Voidwraiths do not have HP but instead have a 55hp shield. Damage dealt recharges their shield. They cannot be healed. Not useable in Commander Mode.
Range: Self

Voidwraith attack: 2d10+3 - Crit on 8-10 +3.
Range: Melee
Same movement rules as the Nethermancer.

Shadowy Veil[3]: The Nethermancer places a shadowy veil upon a target to prevent it from harm. The Nethermancer will roll 3d10+8 to add a shield upon the marked target. The shield lasts for 1 turn. Can be used as an instant.
Range: 30ft

Soul Storm[2]: The warlock unleashes captured souls in a powerful blast around them. Deal 3d9+12 damage to all enemy targets within 10ft.
Range: 10ft

Life Siphon[3]: The warlock drains their enemy of precious vitality restoring themselves. The warlock drains an enemy target of 3d8+12 and heals themselves for damage dealt.
Range: 35ft

Nihilism[2]: Using an unholy pact, the warlock amplifies their power. Deal 25 damage to yourself and then strike a target for 3d20+13 damage. If the roll exceeds 30, then deal an additional +7. You cannot kill yourself from your own spell.
Range: 35ft
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