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Knight-Commander Sakialyn Emberstar, The Guardian

Updated 05/21/19
Commander Mode

Troop Choice: Swordsmen
These veterans of war are well equipped to fight. They carry shorter oaken shields and swift curved longswords. Clad in light plate and heavy mail, they are able to take as much damage as they are able to give. The Sunguard employs the swordsmen more than any other type of warrior. They are easy to train, strong in battle, and match the honorable spirit of the oath.

Health Points: 160
Movement: 40ft/60ft
Range: Melee
Damage Roll: 1d65+40
Art of War: 1d75+40

Commander Points (6):

Battle Standard Carrier
Cost: 1 Commander Point
Bonus: Increase max damage by 10.
“Each regimental division carries its own battle standards into war. They are seen as rallying signs of respect and tradition. “

Regimental Captain
Cost: 1 Commander Point:
Bonus: Increase the mod damage by 10.
“Every good commander needs competent officers to command their soldiers. Regimental Captains keep soldiers sharp and disciplined. “

Seasoned Battlemaster
Cost: 1 Commander Point
Bonus: +5 max and mod damage. The Seasoned Battlemaster makes the player, and those adjacent to them, immune to fear/routing whenever they have an allied unit on their right and left flank (within 5ft).
“Some soldiers have careers defined by constant warfare. Their discipline makes them stand strong when others might wish to flee.”

Shield Wall[1]
Cost: 1 Commander Point
Bonus: For the next turn your target will take half damage. This may be used as an instant.
“Swordsmen may clamor together after an assault to halve the next damage taken. This sort of teamwork is critical for the regiment’s survival.”

Dual Wielding
Cost: 1 Commander Point
Bonus: Increases the damage dealt by +10 max and +10 mod but reduces troop total by -20.
“Swordsmen will replace their smaller shields for another sword increasing their killing capacity. It however decreases their overall defensiveness.”

Regimental Musicians
Cost: 1 Commander Point
Bonus: Increases max and mod damage by 5.
“The constant beating of a drum or the sound of a horn can restore soldiers their courage.”


Art of War [1]:
In the midst of battle, the Knight may find inspiration to drive their forces to victory. This increases base damage/healing by +10 for three turns. This skill may be used in Commander Mode.
Range: Self


Hero Mode

Active Class: Paladin
Active Prestige Class: Bloodsworn
Stat Build: [3] Combatant, [1] Guardian, [1] Commander
Equipped: [Yoren's Spellglaive]
Weapon: [+1 to Mod damage/healing on basic attacks and abilities][Reach: +5ft to basic attack abilities]

Movement: 30ft/50ft - Melee/35ft
Health Points: 60 [50+5(Veteran Bonus)+5(Guardian)]
Weapon(s): 2H Sword + Spell-Shield
Normal Damage Rolls: 1d25+7 (Crit on 18 - 25 for +4)
Against Undead/Demon: 1d33+15 (Crit 24 - 33 on for +4)

Sin’dorei – Soldier
  • Arcanic Affinity: +4 to Arcane based challenge checks.
  • Stalwart - Whenever your character successfully passes a challenge check, gain 1d15+5 HP.
  • Disciplined - Whenever your character successfully resists a CC check, they gain 1d15+5 HP.
  • Armored - Decreases your character’s wound rolls by -2.
  • Born Leader - While your character is alive, players within 10ft of your character have -2 threshold for CC checks. (Does not affect self)
  • Unbroken - Your character may reroll any failed physical challenge rolls. (Only one success per event)
  • Stubborn II - At the start of diplomacy, you must pick a single type of social challenge rolls. You can only use that type of social challenge rolls for the remainder of the event.
  • Plain II - (Negates Beautiful) Your character cannot attempt charm or seduction social challenge rolls.

Stat Build Abilities:

  • Resourceful [Passive]: Grants an additional use to every class ability. (Does not apply to Prestige Class abilities).
  • Taunt: Guardians may taunt targets by rolling 1d20. A 8+ is considered to be a successful taunt. Some bosses/creatures cannot be taunted.
  • Range: 10ft
  • Crushing[3]: Minor Action(can also be used with other minor actions on a given turn). Allows the player to deal full damage to fortified enemies from basic attacks this turn.
  • Spell-Barrier[1]: Add a spell barrier to self that absorbs 15hp damage. Spell-Barrier lasts until it is broken. Can be used as an instant.
  • Range: Self

Class Abilities

  • Aura of Protection[2]: The paladin gains a shield of protection to halve the damage to a single allied unit or self for one turn. Can be used as an instant.
  • Range: 15ft
  • Dawning Glory[3]: Charging up holy magic, the paladin showers all of those before them with a magical blast. The paladin heals all allied units or damages enemy units within a cone for 3d12+10 healing/damage.
  • Range: Cone
  • Holy Reckoning[2]: The Paladin internalizes their injuries, and with the aid of holy magic prepares a devastating counterattack. Deal 5d8+11 to an enemy target. If the Paladin is beneath 30% of their total HP, then their damage is increased to 5d10+13.
  • Range: 15ft

Prestige Class Abilities: Bloodsworn
In the wake of the Third War, the Blood Knights were established as the spine of the Thalassian Army, meant to ensure peace for Quel’thalas. These Bloodsworn knights, hardened through trials that most would deem inhumane, were the Thalassian answer to the Scourge and those who tread the path of evil. These are men and women who do more than merely respond to the Light, they are masters of it.

  • Bonus Damage: +8 max and +8 mod when fighting undead or demon units. Increases initiative by +20.
  • Battle-Hardened [1]: Rigorous training has left each knight more than capable of standing their own. If defeated in combat with minor wounds or less, the player will be able to continue to the fight with 10hp. A player may only be resurrected this way once per event.
  • Range: Self
  • Art of War [1]: In the midst of battle, the Knight may find inspiration to drive their forces to victory. This increases base damage/healing by +10 for three turns. This skill may be used in Commander Mode.[/i]
  • Range: Self


  • Health Potion: Heals a player for 1d50+15. Can be used on other players. Can be used in the same turn as a moment/attack. Cannot be used as an instant.
  • Starkvenom Poison: Used on melee weapons. Increases damage to your weapon(s) by +1 mod OR to a weapon(s) for +4 max damage.
  • Sunweavers Splint: (May be used in Commander Mode) Can be used on a wounded player to reduce their wound severity by a full tier. (Such as reducing heaving wounds to minor wounds). Can be used on other players/self.
  • Oil of the Man Slayer: Increases +2 mod damage/healing to all basic attacks/healings and class abilities against all humanoid enemies.


Commander Mode [INACTIVE TROOP

Troop Choice: Blood Knight Lancers
Mounted on fortified warhorses, these Blood Knights are the heart of the Oathsworn horse. Armored in heavy plate and mail, the Lancers are able to drive their spears deep into the heart of their foes. The thundering hooves of their warhorses hammer down whatever foe that might be before them.

Health Points: 115
Movement: 65ft / 85ft
Range: Melee
Damage Roll: 1d45+30
Art of War: 1d55+30

Commander Points (6):

Penetrating Assault
Lancers are able to drive through enemy infantry upon an attack. Their heavy lances and horses can plough through most opposing infantry(save spearmen etc). They are then able to move through enemy ranks in the same turn.

Flanking Charge:
If attacking an enemy target from the sides or rear then you max damage on that attack is increased by +25 from its original total.

Questing Knight: Caewin Emberstar
Cost: 1 Commander Point
Bonus: +5 to max and mod damage. Whenever dealing penetrating charge, the player may choose to knock back the enemy target 10ft in the direction of the charge.
“There are tales of gallant knights questing through some personal crusade. Whether it be for gold or glory, their journey has only made them all the more formidable.”

Cost: 1 Commander Point
Bonus: Increases mod damage by 10.
“Having a squire is critical to a knight’s renown, utility, and of course having someone watch your back is important.”

Skilled Lancer
Cost: 1 Commander Point
Bonus: Increase max and mod damage by 5.
“Lances are the greatest tool for a powerful charge.”

Sanguine Traditions
Cost: 2 Commander Points
Bonus: At the end of each turn, Blood Knight Lancers may roll for a self heal of 1d20.
“The Blood Knights have a long tradition of manipulating the light for their purposes. Even when it comes to healing wounds.”

Heroic Barding
Cost: 1 Commander Point
Bonus: Increase troop total by +20 and March/Forced March range by +10ft.
“The most heroic lancers require the most heroic mounts.”


Art of War [1]:
In the midst of battle, the Knight may find inspiration to drive their forces to victory. This increases base damage/healing by +10 for three turns. This skill may be used in Commander Mode.
Range: Self


Current Essences: x108 Fortified 4x Heroic 4x Mystical
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