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Lord Izulde Netherstar, Lord Paramount of the Emberlight

Thought to be just entering his prime, Izulde Netherstar has forged his position within the annals of history with fire and blood. His cunning ambition, ruthless pragmatism, and unyielding dedication to excellence has established House Netherstar as a powerful one. His wealth and power are seated within the forgotten vales of the Emberlight, a series of valleys and glades tucked within the Amani Mountains. It’s hardy and gaunt people are fiercely loyal to their liege lord, and Izulde makes their well being his chief priority. Most recently, he has sworn himself to the purposes of the Sunguard, eager to continue their righteous cause. At least until his interests intersect with something different.

130HP l 1d35+20

Subunit: Auxiliary

Commands a unit of Oathsworn Magisters

The magisters sworn under Lord Netherstar have been handpicked from the finest schools across Quel'Thalas. Their hungry minds are eager to learn from their Blood Mage master and even more eager to follow him into battle. Cast in grays, violets, and black, they wear the traditional markings of the Emberlight and fight with a proficiency in pyromancy. Completely devoted to their master's cause, these soldiers are the cornerstone House Netherstar's host.

130HP l 1d45+30

Damage: 3d15+10
Oathsworn Magisters rain down a heavy storm of ice upon an enemy target. Using a large explosion template deal damage equally among all targets within the template.

Commander Points: 6/6
Cost: 2 Commander Points
Unlocked: The Ducal Appointment- The Winter of Woe campaign
Bonus: When activating Sunburst, the Suncaster may use the large explosion template to damage all targets within the template. This can only be used in conjunction of a normal attack.
Even at night, the sun never ceases to shine.

Master Arcanist [Passive]
Cost: 1 Commander Point
Bonus: +5 max and mod damage. Grants the Channel ability, allowing the player to channel, giving their next attack gain an additional die.
“Those who have studied all their lives in the ways of magic have mastered its secrets allowing them to unlock their hidden potential.”

Arcane Affinity
Cost: 1 Commander Point
Bonus: Increases max and mod damage by 5.
“The High Elves have always been blessed with a natural affinity to magic. It runs in their blood.”

Arcanist Regalia
Cost: 1 Commander Point
Bonus: Increase troop total by +15 and increases max damage by 5.
“A good magister knows exactly what to wear to battle, regardless of how revealing the armor may be.”

Scryer Dragonhawks
Cost: 2 Commander Points
Bonus: Oathsworn Magisters may opt to ride a dragonhawk and gain flying increasing their March/Forced march range by 35ft and gain Flying. Also, increases max and mod damage by 5.
“The dragonhawks bred in Draenor are far stronger than their Azerothian cousins. It must be the fel-magic there.”

Hero Mode:
45HP l 1d29+6 crit 22-29+10
Prestige Class: Blood Mage/Duelist
Character Stats: +3 Diplomat, +1 Combatant, +1 Commander
Calm [1]: Diplomat characters may attempt to reroll a failed social attempt that might have enraged or dissuaded its intended target. Cannot be used to re-roll other players’ failed attempts.
Blood Mage: -15 HP. +5 max and +3 mod damage. Increases crit by +5.
Duelist: +3 max damage. Increasing crit rolls by +4. +1 Dueling HP. Increases the number of Dueling Attack die by +2. Increases initiative by +20.

Race: Sin’dorei
Arcanic Affinity: You have a +4 Arcane based challenge.
Beautiful: Increases charm seduction rolls by +2.

Background: Noble
Born Leader: While your character is alive, players within 10ft of your character have -2 threshold for CC checks. (Does not affect self)
Noblesse Oblige: Whenever your character attempts a social roll against another, they gain a -3 threshold to the success of that roll if they are a commoner.

  • Agile: Increases your character’s Dueling Defense die by +2.
  • Alchemist (Purchased): Increases your potion slot by +1.
  • Aristocrat: Your character has a +4 to Etiquette challenge checks.
  • Athletic (Purchased): Allows your character to reroll a failed sprint check. (Only one success per event)
  • Disciplined: Whenever your character successfully resist a CC check they gain 1d15+5 HP.
  • Fencer: Increases your character’s Dueling Attack die by +2.
  • Heraldry: Your character is well learned and know the key political players in any court they are in. Your character may choose to employ this knowledge on a single character during an event. (DM assisted knowledge to allow you to assist the players on the background and personality of a specific NPC)
  • Manipulator: Replaces plead with Lie. Lies have a -4 threshold to social challenge checks, but the target lied to may attempt to roll perception to determine if they can see through the lie. A 70+ is required to detect the lie. If detected, the liar takes 2 DP damage.

  • Arrogant II: Whenever your character attempts a social challenge against another character, they will have a +4 to the threshold if that character does not have the same background as your character. You also take 1DP damage if you fail a social challenge check against that character.
  • Mean I: Your character's plead and persuasion attempts have a +4 to their threshold.
  • Stubborn I: When using a social challenge against a character, you can only use that same social option against that character for the remainder of the event.
  • Wanton I: Opponents have a -4 threshold for successful charm and seduction attempts against your character.
  • Implacable I: At the start of combat, your character must choose a singular target and can only damage that singular target until it is defeated. Once defeated, they must do a check of 1d2 to prevent themselves from selecting another to focus upon. A 1 is considered to be successful.
  • Weakness to Nature II: (Negates Nature's Gift) Your character cannot pass nature based challenge checks.
  • Weakness to Shadow II: (Negates Touched by Shadow) Your character cannot pass shadow based challenge checks.

Veteran Perks:
Act 3 Veteran: +5hp
Act 4 Veteran: +1 Commander Point

Offensive Spells(Spell):
Basic Spell Attacks encompass all normal spells a class can cast. D: 1d20+2: crit on 15-20 +5
Range: Base Class

Channeling: A player may choose to channel a turn instead of casting an offensive spell. Your next offensive spell or ability will double in damage.
Range: Self

Spell-shield(Spell): (Not an actual shield but an ability used by magical casters).
Spell-Barrier[1]: Add a spell barrier to self that absorbs 15hp damage. Spell-Barrier lasts until it is broken. Can be used as an instant.
Range: Self

Swords: D: 1d15+4: crit on 11-15+9
Riposte: Whenever attacked in melee, roll a 1d10 for riposte, if you roll a 6+ then you immediately counterattack your opponent for a normal melee roll.

Items Equipped:

Alchemist Belt:
Mindvenom[Passive]: Used by spellcasters and healers. Increases healing/offensive spells by +1 mod OR +4 max damage. Cost 250g

Windfury Potion[1]: Grants an additional turn in conjunction of the potion user’s turn. Windfury potions can only be used on other players. Cannot be used as an instant. Cost: 500g

Invulnerability: Potion[1]: Allows a player to negate all damage to their character until their next turn. Can be used on a player which stays in effect until the player’s turn. Can be used as an instant. Adds a Diminishing Return debuff on the target character that lasts for the remainder of the event. A player can only take a single Invulnerability Potion to an event. Cost: 500g

Soldier’s Pack:
Dawnmending Bandages[1]: Used at the end of a battle scene to heal a player for 1d30+5. Can be used on other players/self. Cost: 500g

Sunweavers Splint: (May be used in Commander Mode) Can be used on a wounded player to reduce their wound severity by a full tier. (Such as reducing heaving wounds to minor wounds). Can be used on other players/self. Cost: 500g

Bonus Skills:
Summon Phoenix [Passive]: Summons a phoenix to fight alongside the Blood Mage. The Phoenix has 30HP and does 1d15 damage with a crit on 13-15 for +5. The phoenix lasts until it is destroyed. The phoenix attacks in melee and has the same movement rules as the Blood Mage.
Range: Self

Verdant Spheres[2]: Amplifying their spellcasting abilities, the Blood Mage summons verdant spheres to increase the damage of their next ability. Rolling 1d5, the number rolled will determine how many additional die they can add onto their next basic offensive spell.
Range: 35ft

Arcane Vortex[2]: The mage summons a vortex of arcane power to strike at multiple enemies. Target up to three adjacent enemies and roll 3d10+10. Damage will be split evenly among all targets.
Range: 35ft

Raging Inferno[2]: Summoning a living flame, the mage launches a fire blast to strike at the target. Deal 3d12+4 damage to a target and for the next three turns deal 1d5 damage as a burn.

Hot Streak[Passive]: If the mage attacks a target for critical damage on a basic attack, it may roll again to attack it once more. If that follow up attack deals critical damage, then it’s damage is applied to the target and they may attempt to roll again until a non-critical roll is rolled. If the followup attacks at any point do not crit, then the damage for that particular roll is voided. This benefit cannot happen more than twice in a single turn.
Range: Self
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