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Blood Champion Ellasha Truefeather, Serdari of the Dawnspire



Basic Attack: 1d24+7, crit on 18-24+3 (AoW: 1d34+7, crit on 28-34+3)
Bloodsworn Bonus to Undead/Demons: 1d32+15, crit on 24-32 +3 (AoW: 1d42+15, crit on 34-42+3)
Healing Spells: 1d25+3, crit on 18-25+5 (AoW: 1d35+3, crit on 18-25+5)

Basic Attack: 1d27+4, crit on 24-31+8
Dueling Initiative: 1d100+5 (Affected by Honorable Duelist Vice)
Dueling Attack: 8d10>6
Dueling Defend: (x+2)d10>7

Character Stats:
+3 Combatant
  • +3 mod dmg on all basic attacks and class abilities
    • Resourceful [Passive]: Grants an additional use to every base class ability.

+2 Commander
  • +10 Troops in Commander Mode

+1 Support
  • +1 mod healing on all spells and class abilities

Race: Sin’dorei
  • Arcanic Affinity: You have a +4 to Arcane based challenge checks.
  • Beautiful: Increases your character’s charm rolls by +2.

Background: Soldier
  • Disciplined: Whenever your character successfully resists a CC check, they gain 1d15+5 HP.
  • Stalwart: Whenever your character successfully passes a challenge check, they gain 1d15+5 HP.

  • Protector: Your character is no longer hindered when carrying another on the battlefield. (RBG Reward)
  • Armored: Decreases your character’s wound rolls by -2. (Free)
  • Companion: When Telchis is present on the map, Ellasha gains a +2 to all challenge rolls.
  • Battleborn: While engaged in combat, your character gains a +8 to all physical challenge checks.
  • Light-kissed: Your character has a +4 bonus to light based challenge checks.
  • Agile: Increases your characters Dueling Defense die by +2.

  • Stubborn II: At the start of diplomacy, you must pick a single type of social challenge rolls. You can only use that type of social challenge rolls for the remainder of the event.
  • Honorable II: When the party chooses the dishonorable route, your character must roll a 1d4, where a roll of 4 means that you will challenge the party leader in the direction of an action either verbally or through a duel.
  • Honorable Duelist I: You have a -15 to your dueling initiative rolls.
  • Weakness to Decay II: Your character cannot pass a decay challenge check.
  • Jealous II: Choose a player(s) and whenever Charm or Seduction rolls are rolled against that character, your character must roll a 1d30>18 to prevent your character from challenging the opponent to a duel.

  • Spear: 1d22+3, crit on 16-22+3
    • Impale[3]: Minor Action. When used while attacking an enemy target, they may also strike any enemy unit(s) within 10ft directly behind that original target.
  • Healing Spells: 1d25+2, crit on 18-25+5
    • Spellweaving: Whenever you crit on a heal, you may choose another target and heal them for half of your total healing done.

Class: Paladin

Movement & Range:
Walk: 30ft
Sprint: 50ft
Range: Melee/35ft

Class Abilities:
  • Crusader’s Seal[2]: Blessing an ally, the paladin gives them great speed and purpose. The paladin blesses an ally unit by removing any CC effects on them and doubling the distance they can travel in a single turn. Can be used as an instant.
  • Dawning Glory[3]: Charging up holy magic, the paladin showers all of those before them with a magical blast. The paladin heals all allied units or damages enemy units within a cone for 3d14+8 healing/damage. Range: Cone. (Bloodsworn: 3d22+16)
  • Aura of Protection[2]: The paladin gains a shield of protection to halve the damage to a single allied unit or self for one turn. Can be used as an instant. Range: 15ft.

Prestige Class: Bloodsworn

Bonus: +8 max/mod damage when fighting undead or demon units. Increases initiative by +20.

Bonus Skills:
  • Art of War [1]: Increases max damage/healing by +10 for three turns. This skill may be used in Commander Mode.
  • Battle-Hardened[1]: If defeated in combat with minor wounds or less, thep layer will be able to stand back up with 10hp. (Instant)

Secondary Prestige Class: Duelist

Bonus: +3 max damage. Increases crit rolls by +5. +1 Dueling HP. Increases number of Dueling Attack die by +2. Increases Dueling and regular Initiative by +20.

Bonus Skills:
  • Experienced Combatant [1]: In a duel, the duelist may reroll 1 roll of their choosing. The highest of the two rolls is chosen.
  • Precision [Passive]: Whenever a duelist crits, the target gains the Sundered debuff, allowing all melee attacks against it to deal +5 damage from all sources.

Crafted Items:
Mystical Weapon - Active in Hero Mode
[Blood-Tempered Ranseur]
  • +2 max damage on basic attacks and abilities
  • +1 mod damage on basic attacks and abilities
  • +1 to Attack Dueling die

Mystical Banner - Active in Commander Mode
[Sign of the Phoenix-King]
  • +10 max damage
  • +5 mod damage
  • +15 to troop total

Alchemist Bag and Soldier Pack:

Veteran Traits:
Act III Veteran: +5hp in Hero Mode (Earned for participating in Act III: Invasion of the Dawnspire)
Act IV Veteran: +1 Commander Point (Earned for participating in Act IV: The Winter of Woe)
Legionfall Campaign: +5hp in Hero mode. (Earned for participating in the Legionfall Campaign)
Phoenix Knight: +1 Character Stat point. (Earned for participating in the Phoenix Wars Campaign)


Basic Attack: 1d50+30 (AoW: 1d60+30)
Wedge Formation: 1d60+30 (AoW: 1d70+30)
Flanking Charge: 1d75+30 (AoW: 1d85+30)

Bloodsworn Basic Attack: 1d58+28 (AoW: 1d68+38)
Bloodsworn Wedge Formation: 1d68+38 (AoW: 1d78+38)
Bloodsworn Flanking Charge: 1d83+38 (AoW: 1d93+38)

Heal: 1d35+10 (AoW: 1d45+10)





Troop Choice: Blood Knight Lancers

Ellasha Truefeather is a Blood Knight of the Champion rank. She has experience training aspiring Blood Knights and presently commands a small unit of six knights. One of Ellasha’s knights died during the Act 2 finale, and so there are only five. The present knights are Korusar Dawnseeker, Athaen Brightvale, Ellasha Blacksun, Leayn Manaflame, Oneron Lightstrider, and Telda Emberfall. Each of these knights are individuals that Ellasha has personally trained and worked with for some time. They are all hand picked, and when one falls in battle, there must be another to fill their place — as such, Ellasha is presently keeping an eye open for a sixth knight. While her knights are not technically part of the Sunguard, they serve as lieutenants beneath the Dawnward.

Troop Abilities:
Base Damage: 1d35+10
Penetrating Assault:
Lancers are able to drive through enemy infantry upon an attack. Their heavy lances and horses can plough through most opposing infantry(save spearmen etc). They are then able to move through enemy ranks in the same turn.
Flanking Charge:
If attacking an enemy target from the sides or rear then you max damage on that attack is increased by +25 from its original total.

Movement & Range:
Attack: Melee
Heal: 30ft
March: 65ft
Forced March: 85ft

Commander Points:
5 Points
Questing Knight: +5 to max and mod damage. When dealing a penetrating charge, the player may choose to knock back an enemy target 10ft in the direction of the charge. Cost: 1 Commander Point.
  • Retainer: The Questing Knight is represented by one of Ellasha’s trusted Blood Knight Lieutenants, Korusar Dawnseeker.

Light Mastery: Blood Knight Lancers may heal a targeted player for 1d35+10. Cost: 1 Commander Point.
Heroic Barding: Increases troop total by +20 and March/Forced March range by 10ft. Cost: 1 Commander Point.
Wedge Formation: When using penetrating assault upon a target, add +10 to your max roll for that round. Cost: 1 Commander Point.
Squires: Increases mod damage by +10. Cost: 1 Commander Point.
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